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Comment Re:Beauty of Capitalism (Score 1) 110

Didn't you see The Astronaut Farmer? The government won't just let you build your own rocket...

Seriously though, NASA has placed restrictions in the past and it just recently became more open.

Look at the human genome project, private sector is doing better.

Plus the private sector will always invest if there is potential profit, THAT is the beauty of capitalism. :-)

Comment Re:Don't take the bait (Score 1) 307

That depends on what you consider performance. Yes there is some overhead, mostly memory but memory is cheap. I'd rather use more memory and have a faster and more stable browser. Then again, if Firefox fixed their memory management problems it would probably be faster and more stable.

Not sure how having the Chrome tabs and pages use different UI code makes it easier to crash. A website shouldn't ever modify the OS UI parts. The separate memory space feature isn't a killall solution but it does make it less susceptible to some exploits. Session cookies aren't shared between tabs.

Cell SMS in Planes on Trial Down-Under 116

jetkins writes "Just days after the FCC announced that the use of cellular phones would be officially banned onboard aircraft in the USA, ZDNet reports that Australian airline Qantas is to undertake a three-month trail of a new in-flight cellular service. Initially installed on a single aircraft, the system utilizes technology from British company Aeromobile, providing a miniature GSM 'tower' within the aircraft cabin. Since GSM phones dynamically adjust their transmit power, being in such close proximity to the tower means that phones will emit only minimal RF. The system operates as a separate 'country', meaning phones must be enabled for international roaming and calls are charged at international roaming rates. During the trial at least, only SMS, MMS, and GPRS (data) traffic will be allowed; voice calls will be blocked."

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