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Comment Sounds like tech support? (Score 1) 630

I guess I am desensitized... I realize this is a pharmaceutical company, but this is all very standard behavior in the tech support / call center world. I've seen this sort of thing since 1998, so it really isn't that new to me. In both cases it sounds like management is being asked to predict productivity and deliverables based on time. Is your job function serial in nature at all? Does someone have to do something to a product before its passed to you and do you pass it to someone after that?

Comment Two types of Professionals (Score 1) 515

You are going to find two types of techs throughout your career.

* The Career-Person:

Is there to punch a time card and collect a paycheck
Learns only what is necessary to do the job
Probably received a classroom education on tech
Goes home and complains about not having enough free time to socialize

* The Enthusiast:

Loves technology and loves getting paid for working with it
Is constantly researching new technology even if it doesn't have to do with work
Could either have a degree our self taught education
Goes home and hacks on/fiddles with some sort of tech

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