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Comment ya how many ways can this go wrong (Score 1) 646

Sadly yes and Cannonical does have to pay people to support Ubuntu, however I don't like or use Amazon, I never trusted Amazon and will never use them unless someone puts gun to my head! That said I think this is a marketing mistake and it will boomerang right up the side of canonicals head and further drive disgruntled ubuntu users like I used to be to mepis or Linux mint

Comment Re:Not that HP was ever very good at Tablets But.. (Score 1) 192

Yup you called it dead balls ons, I'll go one step further, I predict they will start selling off the non-profitable divisions and herniate the company cash wise, then I foresee HP being bought and sold for scrap at some point in the next 10 years. I don't believe huge monolithic organisations are the way to go and this is an example of one of the poorest run of those ( I'm an ex HP employee). HP's time is on a count down to no where, and yes it is sad, but I think it needs to happen.

Comment No what you really mean is (Score 1) 176

Lets put the control of this idea in the hands of the people touting Intelligent Design must be considered a viable alternative to evolution,,,. Surprised, you shouldn't be those same people are the reason we had the death trap known as the space shuttle in service for so long. NASA is controlled by these freaks and you and Neil deGrasse Tyson want to double their budget??? Hmm a losing track record for the last 3 decades and you think blowing more money on NASA will fix this? Seriously, No it won't, we'll just waste more money, and still get no where. What you fail to see was the long lost greatness that was NASA was from a time of greatly more friendly budgetary realities of that day and not this day and age. While I will agree it was a great catalyst for technology that has spawned the ability to even respond to you on this website, don't kid yourself for one moment that by looking backwards that you're somehow looking ahead. The only way we will ever achieve our greatness will be when NASA is out of the Equation and privately funded science programs funded by private institutions and by donations lead the way. With out thought, if you were to create a private organisation to attempt this I personally would pony up $500.00 to that cause, but I will offer you nothing if you keep bowing in deluded prayer to the evolutionary dead end known as NASA!

Comment Re:Skype (Score 1) 212

Yesterday and had 3 people online with video and it worked fine, the problem with Skype Linux and windows is you sound like Mickey Mouse being hammered with a bat in the crotch when you don't have enough memory and horse power under the hood. When I upgraded to a 4 core all my linux/skype woes went bye bye also all the glitches you get on Linux side are all featured on the windows side as well.

Comment stupid is as stupid does (Score 1) 969

Hey if they are stupid enough to force over time I'm mean enough to work it at 1.5 times my regular rate. My bosses did the same thing all after firing the most recent group of new hires to try to skew their data numbers to look better in the cash flow department. The consequence is with out the fired new guys we cant make our production numbers so now we're in mandatory over time. funny how that works out.

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