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Comment Re:dban followed by smartctl (Score 1) 348

I'm a computer technician, and I'm always looking for new and better ways to test our equipment. Linux is one of my favourite testing tools, but right now I don't have a good way to test hard drives in Linux - I use stress to see if I get any errors or crashes on a suspicious drive. We use a Seagate boot disc for most of our testing though.

I'm interested in using your technique, but I don't understand it well enough to give it a go on someone else's data. Can you explain it a bit please?

Comment Re:The D-Link DIR-655 (Score 1) 398

I'm using the A series, and I don't have this problem. I actually recently changed my settings from static addressing to DHCP because I got lazy after my last reformat. I use the handy name resolution feature they've got: I select my computer's name from the list and it dumps the local IP in the field. Awesome.

I have no idea if the B is bad or not, but I'll keep an eye out as more of my friends invariably buy it. Perhaps we all have A series? -


Comment The D-Link DIR-655 (Score 1) 398

My friends and I struggled to find a good router for along time - this included gaming, torrents, and direct downloads. Several wireless devices of various configurations.

Take a look at prices, by now the DIR-655 should be cheaper - we've had ours for over a year now I'm guessing.

Anything but the highest, most brutal usage brings it down. You do need to tune your Vuze settings - if you have more than 1 computer downloading torrents at a atime (try to avoid that...), setting each of their Max Simultaneous Connections to 100 and testing should work. Drop it by 25 if you're still having trouble.

Don't forget, wireless devices cannot send and receive at the same time. The DIR-655 is MIMO (IIRC), so it minimizes the drawbacks, but any individual device can still only send or receive at a time, so torrents are kinda a nightmare for wireless in general.


Comment Re:What am I missing here... (Score 1) 166

The thing about Minecraft, is that these things are being created using the game's tools. Rather than someone developing a mod with code (like lua for WoW).

Redstone can be used to power items with "electricity", like a Minecart Booster Rail, among tons of other things. Some of them may require a mod to facilitate (the Better Than Wolves mod adds mechanical power to the game, for example).


Comment Re:Two words... (Score 0, Redundant) 166

They very well may have Asperger's, the problem is in assuming that someone with Asperger's has a "disorder", and is not merely "different". Indeed, they are simply better at, guess what, envisioning a specific project and exhaustively accomplishing that goal.

Comment Re:This is good. (Score 1) 328

It's puts 0.000000000000000000000001% more load on the network - a negligible cost by far. It is absurd to charge for the extra costs. Also, if it's really peak load rates that are the problem, using caps is the least rational way to control behaviour. But the fact remains, there literally can't tell the difference. That's why they have to ban apps and all of this other nonsense; if the hallmark of a laptop browsing the internet is higher consumption, then a data rate cap makes MUCH more sense - clearly, they are selling beyond their ability to provide if peak consumption is a problem. Source: "Free" By... the guy from

Comment Re:That's ok (Score 2) 211

There's just too many variables involved. I'm glad they're doing opt-in instead of opt-out - that's the mainstay of my comments significance.

Right now, there's no precedent that a government organisation could effectively deal with a situation like this without breaking everything. Is it ok if they do a drug bust, and 1 out of 23 innocent people die? Collateral damage by the government has to be mitigated as much as possible.

I'm not saying that we can't trust the government to do anything. I think the FBI is doing a good job so far, and I'm looking forward to their results. But caution on the part of commentators, I think, is a good idea. It's far from a simple, surefire action. It is likely it will be, but there are variables that they can't control for.

Oversight of government actions is what is critical - not avoiding government action or permitting excessive government action.

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