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Comment Re:What a typical waste (Score 3, Interesting) 401

Sorry, I don't think it's very likely to confuse a "Video Pod" with an "iPod". Perhaps if it was called a vPod, or the iPod was called a Music Pod, I would understand.
It's close enough, I suppose, to necessitate a court appearance over, but I don't think Apple deserves a patent as broad as that - especially since the Video Pod is not a music player.

Comment Trust (Score 1) 870

Be honest with your students. As a student who wasn't allowed to use his smartphone calculator during an exam, I definitely know what I want to hear first:

"You can use any non-networked device. If your device is connected to the network or internet, disable that connection. Anyone caught using a device's networking functions during the exam will receive a warning, and then fail the exam on the second offense. It's an open book exam people - you don't need to use the network."

If people are prepared, and you aren't a douche about it, almost everyone will listen. Even if you implement some other rule or supply some other device, the same few people will get away with it either way, and only one of them is really easy.


Comment Re:It exists for web apps (not a good reason) (Score 1) 224

I'm definitely waiting to see what happens. it sounds very interesting, and that much, I like a whole lot.

But, it's a pretty wild idea. It will work if there's some serious finessing, and Google is likely capable of that, but....

It's also possible it will useless. I can't play games on it?

Interest waning.

Comment Re:Exploitation for the win! (Score 1) 384


Do you think a culture that does terrible things to the people who participate in that culture (many examples of society demanding morally reprehensible things - stoning the innocent, hanging people based on skin colour, etc) should be allowed to continue, unchecked?

I would likely agree that the best way to cause people to change is education, and not suing or taxes (the western way, for sure), but would it really be best to just let them do bad things to their people?

Don't we punish North Korea financially because of the terrible things that go on in that country? Would it be better if we traded with them freely, turning a blind eye to the human rights violations?

There's many sources of pressure, some more effective than others. It's sort of a big, unwieldly stick, money-based pressure is, but it is the easiest and longest reaching stick we have in our arsenal.

The best source of pressure is the oppressed - but in countries like those, trying to get the oppressed to open their eyes is... not easy.

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