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Comment No nanotubes on my skull thanks (Score 1) 102

Personally I would rather keep cheap Chinese knockoff headphones full of nanotubes away from my brain. How do you know the pounding of a bass beat is not actually injecting nanotubes through the fabric and eventually migrating them with vibration into your brain? Even if there is "no chance of danger" (as if anyone has actually packaged nanotubes in an energetic, electromagnetically pumped environment near the human body) I would just not feel like it is something safe to have around. Imagine someone came up with an anti-smog filter for your nostrils that works based on "nano-packaged asbestos fibers" which have "no chance of being ingested"? If nano isn't critical and in a highly safety engineered package far from me (or at least something biologically created that I have a chance of breaking down), I don't want it.

Comment A model that works - Smashwords (Score 1) 147

I found a new sequel to a series I had read.

Google led me to Smashwords. I read some free, then bought
unencumbered epub,pdb,mobi,txt. Credit card or paypal.

Devoured it and next day bought 3 more.
Now have a library in Smashwords, reviewed one.
I think there might be a coupon for reviewers.

Google should:
Buy a bank.
Beat visa and paypal out on the net.

Get a percentage for introduction.
Stop the ads, or offer no ads but another1% margin.

Integrate better with all common pos systems,
or sell own. Show recommendations and shop specials in search results.

Develop NFC style payment with value added such as 0 to 5 star rating and review app on phone.
You get better price if you review.

Comment We should send feedback (Score 1) 163

Obviously there is nothing criminal going on, just a conspiracy by a stupid editor. Make up = do. If he wrote manufacture I might wonder but still it isn't proof.
I have an idea, must not be the first to have it though.
When slashdot and other sites (like boingboing) get news stories from syndicators of syndicators etc. in the normal idiotic trickle-down blog syndication and altruistic submitters tree and the article upon intelligent reading is obvious drivel, the end consumers (the conglomeration of all slashdot readers who have read it) should be able to push back in the reverse direction along this tree that it is stupid.
Something like a message, "300 readers of think this article is stupid. Your cred dropped to 50%."
Finally something worthy to vote about!

Comment Deep sim (Score 1) 250

Looks interesting. Would be more interesting if possible to model incomplete rollout and rollout at not just endpoints, IPv6 rollout is another rational/superrational mix, and instead we've got ubiquitous NAT instead, right?
    The mention of inability to do an upload during Skype.. is that true?
    Conceivably a whole-network deep simulation could be updated based on real traffic patterns providing suggestions for network upgrades / additional cross connects, so enduser requirements could drive network buildout not carrier profits. That's cool.
      Not sure if the plan is to bake this into hardware and then allow download new firmware as the network evolves, or have some safe code repository that is compiled at endpoints. I can predict a shitstorm over that..

Comment They will never see it coming (Score 1) 976

The police would be the people most interested in using such a database.
It will mean that if police ever have a reason to visit a tagged property they will be far more likely to use overwhelming force at the slightest provocation.
Since the gun owner will not know he or she is tagged, they will not even know they should tone it down.
This app is going to get someone hurt.

Comment Re:Start here (Score 1) 1145

Personally I find it curious the army would encourage a y2k error, plus if you read it backwards you can confuse day and year.
I use 2013-0527 which is like the Japanese way with only one hyphen, especially on filenames, folders, in todo lists and memo, etc.
This has proven the easiest and least ambiguous format for me and I've naturally sustained it for years now.
Compare that to people who use something like 130527-xxx for all filenames which is nervewracking. Just type two more digits and a hyphen to make it human readable, and be done with it already! (my two cents).
Not a default in LibreOffice. Not sure about excel.
Mac OS X doesn't pick it up as am iCal date automatically (how would one add a format?)
No standard way to include day of week. So in a mini calendar (a text schedule of the coming week) I may write MON May 27, etc.

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