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Comment Re:Start here (Score 1) 1145

Personally I find it curious the army would encourage a y2k error, plus if you read it backwards you can confuse day and year.
I use 2013-0527 which is like the Japanese way with only one hyphen, especially on filenames, folders, in todo lists and memo, etc.
This has proven the easiest and least ambiguous format for me and I've naturally sustained it for years now.
Compare that to people who use something like 130527-xxx for all filenames which is nervewracking. Just type two more digits and a hyphen to make it human readable, and be done with it already! (my two cents).
Not a default in LibreOffice. Not sure about excel.
Mac OS X doesn't pick it up as am iCal date automatically (how would one add a format?)
No standard way to include day of week. So in a mini calendar (a text schedule of the coming week) I may write MON May 27, etc.

Comment Only 1 key product (Score 1) 416

Seriously Google needs to look at how much shaving off the Do no Evil badge will impair their brand.
Personally there are three products I use and think are important from Google.
1) Google search - best search I know.
2) Being able to ask a query (Google search) through the browser address bar, hence Chrome.
3) Chrome - best browser I know (Mac)

These are very heavily counterbalanced by the very close to evil if not evil level of disregard for / productization of private information.
I also am feeling fatigue from how in your face Google is. If they have a dream of stealing eyeballs from Facebook fatigue well, Google is leading the pack on fatigue - being sold, being networked, etc. If they every happen to make a not-evil service that becomes popular for some group of people, it will be axed in a year. So I have stopped looking to Google for solutions and this has cost them a lot of good will / care about what they do in my book. They constantly cut themselves off at the knees and are becoming more microsoftian each year.

If Google would focus on search and making things useful for people (like for example, contextual help and debugging through a knowledge base and context recognizer running on mac/pc/linux/android) they can do well. But their constant failures in the social and product development realm is a serious distraction. Google needs to reevaluate if they want to be seen as relevant. They don't actually have anything except the ad and phone business that seems worth their billions of cap.

Comment Re:They will see no fallout from the AP wiretappin (Score 1) 318

HEY! If that guy really is suicidal you are committing a crime, you jerk.

You don't have to egg him on. There are plenty of geeks on this board who have been bullied in school and thought of killing themselves at one point or another in their lives. The ones who didn't follow through on it (almost all of them) did so because they came to their senses and found a reason to continue, before they met some total asshole like YOU.

(You may fuck off and die now)

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 157

They could make a bundle consulting for Hollywood space opera movies or pro sound designers maybe.
And how about Google... what will the clanging feel like when they bump into and drill into that asteroid? Will it drive the miners or their robots insane??

Comment Re:Jupiter Tape? (Score 1) 621

Don't be silly. Current natural language processing (NLP) technology allows the extraction of significant proper names and subject matter which effectively compresses the data to its salient points. A very simple consumer version exists in the Summarize context menu service in my MacBook Pro.

Without much brains it at least picked the central sentence correctly to get this:

Current natural language processing (NLP) technology allows the extraction of significant proper names and subject matter which effectively compresses the data to its salient points.


Comment Scrap it. (Score 1) 140

I don't get it. Sure if you think of spectrum as gold veins and you are selling mining rights.
But it is artificial. The government pays these companies to develop something, then charges them for spectrum.
It becomes a billions of dollars business for the government, and for the carriers who only have to pay a bit less than they receive.
The point IIRC was to deliver low-cost, high quality applications. That has nothing to do with paying for spectrum and the phone companies have shown they don't put the money they get to use building infrastructure, which is why an upstart like Google can parachute in and deliver high quality fiber connectivity.
How about we just scrap the whole thing and start over again?

Comment Re:Sample data... (Score 1) 124

well they probably would want to keep the data as a corpus of text that can be further analyzed or used to guide further searches. It's just that it can be quite abused... and many people these days would rather have the data deleted immediately rather than improve a service that is less than crucial to one's life, so far.

Comment Re:Sample data... (Score 1) 124

Anonymize means to make anonymous. Not the vocal pattern. Simply the user id is not tied to it after 6 months.
    A corpus (large body of annotated text and/or voice) is a necessary part of natural language recognition, which is a type of artificial intelligence, but usually you tell me people that is what will happen to the data.
      The 6 month window during which you ID is tied to your voice record, is likely very useful for AI such as being able to understand a given person's accent better, or perhaps providing context (they know your email and surfing habits) to understand your query better (perhaps if you are travelling, you want to know about a train schedule, etc.).
      However it also means law enforcement could: easily read all the searches a user has done; force collection with ID beyond 6 months; automatically scan siri requests to fish for suspicious activity; or even tick the checkbox that turns your phone into a 24x7 eavesdropping device based on those automated scans, which of course are becoming more intelligent thanks to having all this corpus data and economic activity (cashflow) attached to this business of making AI smarter for mobile devices.

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