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Comment Re:Choosing the correct tactics (Score 1) 491

My son takes allergy treatment medications. When we were away from home, some of his medications were damaged (bottle opened and contents got wet) so we had to get an emergency refill. The local pharmacist used a generic version of the drug. My son reacted badly to the generic drug (in fact, is allergic to the generic version of his allergy meds). It was a very long night/day after that. Now we have a constant fight with our regular pharmacy whenever they try to replace the drug with that generic version. Our drug policy does not require generic substitution, nor does the pharmacy officially require it. They have ignored the physician's requirement on the prescription for the name brand on multiple occasions. Obviously, this is not a normal situation, but I have a very difficult time when a pharmacist overrides a specific physician's instructions in order to save somebody some money.

Submission + - Anti-Matter Contained for 16 Minutes (

Punko writes: Researchers managed to contain anti-hydrogen atoms for 16 minutes and hope that the longer shelf life allows them to to be able gain additional insight into the properites of antimatter

Comment Re:Science or hyper-extrapolated sensationalism? (Score 1) 89

1) We're still looking. It helps to find planets so we know where to look. Space is big, really.
2) By 'water' I will assume you mean water in its liquid phase, because water in solid form has been found all over the place. Its common as muck.
3) As soon as you can tell me exactly what you mean by "like earth". Do you mean with oceans and land and nitrogen/oxygen rich atmosphere with white and black sand beaches and restaurants where the steak overhangs the plate on 3 sides? If you mean have you found a planet which you could beam down to without breathing/life support gear (and live), then no, not yet.

As for the discoveries being hokum, it sounds like you're waiting for the ULTIMATE DISCOVERY. Sorry guy, but its all incremental knowledge that will let us find the big stuff. Finding important stuff in hard to find places a long way away tends not to be done "by accident" but by years of hard work. Any idiot can discover the moon on his own, but can you honestly say that you could have discovered that the Earth moves around the sun, and not the other way around?

Would you spend the years in careful observation, with meticulous record keeping, facing the storms of "intelligent criticism", to collect enough data to prove your point to the world that your crazy idea makes sense? Lots of professional people do, they are scientists; lots of other people do too, they can be hobbyists; lots of crazy people do too, they may be just crazy.

There is no substitute for hard work in scuence.

Comment Re:I'm horrible. (Score 1) 384

I have dual monitors, each 1280x1024, the left hand monitor is full of icon, the right hand one has 6 columns full. counting, I see 13 rows by 17 columns on the first then 6 columns on second.

Should I be scared that at least a dozen of the icons are folders to other file locations.
br> I know what you're thinking, and you're right. My physical desks are 4" deep in paper.

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