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Comment Re:Thoughts on SCOTUS (Score 1) 211

And being paid fair market value? No, sorry.

Got a case cite for that? AFAIK while it doesn't infringe the 5th Amendment for governments to take land using eminent domain for private development, there is still an obligation to pay what the property is worth. And if the initial price isn't good enough for the owner (which is usually), the owner can always sue for more.

Comment Re:I'm torn... (Score 2) 211

The broadcasters get paid via advertising revenues, which are proportional to the number of viewers. Why should they object to more viewers?

The reason they're upset with Aereo is that cable TV companies pay broadcasters in order to carry the broadcast channels over cable. Alternatively, the broadcasters can compel the cable companies to carry the broadcast channels, but then they can't charge for them.

If the Aereo model is legal, it's pretty likely that the cable TV companies will all stop paying broadcasters and will just use antenna farms, like Aereo does. This will seriously reduce the profits of broadcasters more than any additional viewership being advertised to will make up for.

Comment Re:Cant be worse (Score 1) 351

Quite the opposite. The US Government is supposed to manipulate the currency to achieve two things: to keep inflation low (2% is the usual target) and to keep unemployment as low as possible (about 5% normally).

Oddly, neither is on track. Perhaps they're doing their best. I suspect they're doing their worst.

Comment Re:Transportation is evil (Score 1) 373

That's a reasonable solution in a world with a COLA, but not without it, because you're depriving someone of their property and that's not acceptable when the system doesn't guarantee basic income.

Rent controls already deprive a person of the use of their property, so it's not really any different in concept.

The use, but not the ownership. Everywhere I'm aware of in the US and certainly in California, the owner can kick you out at any time if either they or a family member is moving in. That "guarantees" a property owner the right to residence, though granted they still have to pay their property taxes.

Comment Re:Gov't skips testing orders last minute changes (Score 1) 284

If you allow anonymous access to view, you can have that before you have registration implemented.

The site is worthless without registration, because all the information is on what you're registering for. The primary purpose of the site is registration.

To me, the difference between "system provides some functionality anonymously to read documents" and "system requires a working registration/sign-in system in order to be able to read documents" is a hell of a lot more than 'practically a checkbox' -- not unless your checkboxes come with stuff which magically generates the entire registration system.

Like I said, the primary purpose of the system is registration, which means they need the registration system in place anyway, and if they don't have it there then they're assholes. QED.

Comment Re:Why not just multiple monitors. (Score 2) 520

Because multiple monitor support is poop in every OS in some way. It always falls down somewhere. I want it to be as good as using one of those devices that splits one video signal onto multiple monitors, but it never is. I want it to work equally well as three distinct displays or as one unified display, and it never does.

I want one 4k display, and as soon as it doesn't cost more than the rest of my system put together, I'll upgrade. I have an early 25.5" IPS display at 1920x1200 now. It's got some ghosting problems, and I always want more dots, but it's not too shabby. And it never causes me special multiple-display-related problems.

Comment Re:Nice Design idea (Score 1) 87

(There's a reason by single bladed copters are still the best choice... they are naturally stable).

You're a lot better off landing on 2/4 engines (if one fails, you'll have at least one opposing pair) in a quad than on 0/1 engines in a heli. Or better yet, you could have eight engines, and still function on six. And quads are very stable.

Comment Re:Actually looks feasable (Score 1) 87

Lol, what a joke. You have no idea what is useful in a battlefield, these would be expensive wreckage after 1-2 rounds from a kalashnikov.

Guess what? The sad truth is that already applies to most helicopters, yet we still use lots of them. We just don't use them in the thick of combat, one or two aside. They serve support roles, where they don't have to try to dodge a lot of bullets.

Comment Re:Transportation is evil (Score 1) 373

It sounds to me like a failure of rent control, not a problem with Google. Either it was implemented poorly or it is a fundamentally flawed concept.

Both are probably true. The truth is that capitalism demands that people who live in the city pay ten bucks for a coffee so that the coffeeshop worker who lives in the city can be paid well enough to survive, but it also demands that the cup of coffee cost five bucks.

we are talking about gentrification, I wonder if a system requiring rent-to-own contracts instead of leases would serve the same purpose?

That's a reasonable solution in a world with a COLA, but not without it, because you're depriving someone of their property and that's not acceptable when the system doesn't guarantee basic income.

Comment Re:i dont get it (Score 1) 373

I dont know how it works in SF, but here where I live, a bus stop is open to any bus, public or private.

The way it works in SF and in every other city I've lived in is that a bus stop is a "no stopping" zone for anything but a bus. Some cities let taxis use bus stops, some cities let anyone use bus stops but with no parking and no standing... Now, bus lanes tend to be open to any commercial bus, but that's another thing.

Comment Re:knee jerk (Score 1) 284

The USPS works fairly well actually.

In my experience, it's working less and less well. I am having more and more problems with the USPS, and less and less with the other carriers. The USPS' primary purpose today is to enable mass direct mail, which is a waste of energy and resources better spent almost any other way.

Comment Re:Gov't skips testing orders last minute changes (Score 1) 284

"... blamed a decision by CMS within two weeks of the launch to require users to fully register in order to browse for health insurance products, instead of being able to get information anonymously, as originally planned."

if this is hard, then they're assholes. that should practically be a checkbox.

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