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Comment Re:Bluetooth woes (Score 1) 292

The third world can't pull itself up by it's own bootstraps, or won't? What made the US an immediate 'first world' nation? Was it born that way, fully industrialized and ready to go, or did it have to get going on it's own? Who helped the US to become first world, if it wasn't immediate?

In fact, the difference is that the USA had not yet been depleted. It's well on its way now, and the dominance will come to an end.

Comment Re:Dubious (Score 1) 292

I used to hang out with a bunch of guys who were tankers in the National Guard. It was one of their little hobbies to imagine ways in which the nation could be disrupted, and I enjoyed it as well. If you eavesdropped on one of our conversations you might have thought it was a good idea to lock us all up. But none of us were interested in doing anything like that; it was more a case of shaking our heads at how easy it would actually be to shut down whole cities completely. Our conclusion was that if terrorists were running rampant, nothing would ever get done in this country because it's so easy to cause a panic.

Comment Re:$250 for a headset? (Score 1) 292

I think it's too much to pay, too. When I saw headsets that cost that much on the wall at Gamestop I just shook my head. But it's not that much money for someone without dependents. If it really enhances their life, I can see spending that much money. On the other hand, I can't personally see not kitbashing something myself rather than spending $250.

Comment Re:32 bit? (Score 1) 122

One of the punchiest ARM options is the quad-core RK3188. It has the least punchy GPU in the class, a clock-increased (by 25%) Mali400. However, this is the ARM-coupled GPU with the most functional OSS driver. It is already possible to boot Linux on RK3188 directly, and play Quake3, with an OSS driver. OHI, there is now an installer. However, it does not appear that the installer includes recovery. Hmm, reading further, it does not include the accelerated video driver or working bluetooth either, so I guess I'll stick with Finless for now on my MK908. I want to run Linux for a variety of reasons, not least PS3 BD Remote support.

With that said, if the MIPS tools are better, I'd still rather have MIPS for a Linux box. It's not that interesting for Android though, since the majority of the Android world is on ARM.

Also, it's possibly notable that nVidia has stated repeatedly that Tegra's GPU isn't encumbered by agreements with other corporations as their desktop GPUs are, and that they will continue to release increased amounts of driver source code for that platform. I'm not holding my breath, of course.

Comment Re:Too cool for NASA (Score 1) 205

For example (along a different line from what you were saying, but just as important), most of the big countries like Russia, China, EU are setting their sights on the Moon, while the U.S. is off pissing away money on some jaunt to an asteroid, thanks to Obama.

The Moon would be useful if we currently knew what to do with He3. Otherwise, not so much.

But the strategic (not economic) value of the Moon cannot be overemphasized. We MUST get there, and stay there, if for no other reason than to keep others from getting too far ahead of us. Whoever controls the moon pretty much controls the Earth. Never forget that.

Well, no. In actuality, whoever controls orbit controls Earth, and there's no evidence that's best done from the moon. The moon is in a predictable orbit, it's a sitting target. Whoever controls the L-points controls the solar system. The moon may be less of a gravity well than the Earth, but it's still one. Better not to be in one at all. And whoever mines asteroids first is likely to also be who refines them in space first and they will control the L-points first.

The goals are Mars and Europa. The Moon is not necessarily all that useful. If you can bypass that stage entirely and go straight to asteroid mining, that's probably far better than messing with the moon at all.

Comment Re:Getting me started, man! (Score 1) 205

These congressmen are largely stateists who really do want their their own special interests (aka campaign contributors) to get government money instead of the special interests of the other guys.

On the contrary, if they're using the federal government to get money for their state they're still federalists, and they're enjoying abusing the system.

Comment Re:Preventing terrorism is a legimate reason (Score 1) 264

As vital records are the basis for proof of identity and are really the only true line that prevents someone from establishing an ironclad new identity and abandoning an old one and whatever obligations they've piled on themselves on that identity, I don't see another option.

We are rapidly reaching the point where our technology will mean that nobody who doesn't want to will have to work in order to live. By many measurements we could be there now if not for systems designed to permit luxury yachts instead of permitting sharing of improvements in productivity. If you're at that point, it's reasonable to place responsibility for credit on the creditor. If you don't want to lend credit, you can start a business with your money yourself, or otherwise invest it. Is that not an option? Or are we wed to our currently-failing system of mercantilism?

Comment Re:To simple. What is democracy? (Score 1) 264

To godwin this post, what matters is not a register of who is or who is not Jewish, what matters is that it matters whether you are or not. Most privacy nuts worry to much about the list and to little about the gas chambers.

No, they both matter. The problem with a list is that it can be abused. If you don't make the list, it can't be abused. If you don't need the list, don't make it.

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