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Comment Re:Uh huh (Score 1) 570

The safest behaviour on such a failure is to do nothing.

The safest behavior is to drop back to a known-good checkpoint on another node, something like a complete system shutdown and image. What vmware is doing is the best compromise between that best case and the case where you really need to continue performing work. But if you know that you have problems that demand that level of paranoia, you are free to process your workloads through a job-processing system on systems which will panic and explode rather than risk compromising output.

Comment Re:Wait...what? (Score 1) 208

You're either trolling or dumb. You said you "made up" the nightmare, though, so I guess I hope you're just trolling.

It would take more than 5-10 years for even a very valuable gene to proliferate.

Convincing humanity that the "terminator gene" was their enemy is one of the most effective concepts Monsanto has ever put forward. We should have demanded it be placed into every GM organism in which it will function so that they do not reproduce, so that they do not spread their genes. Instead we simply have Monsanto enforcing their ownership of these organisms through the courts and destroying lives in the process...

Comment Re:In the absence of glyphosate (Score 1) 208

Remember, most of the stuff we eat is GM, it just happened through more traditional methods.

No, that is bullshit and you are attempting to redefine the term GM, which specifically means that it didn't happen through more traditional methods. If you want to argue that they're functionally identical, you're still wrong, but you're not necessarily outright lying.

Comment Re:Here's how I'd implement Netflix on Linux... (Score 1) 303

Do this with a good monitor and I bet you could get really damn close to the original quality; modern SLR sensors and lenses are good enough for this.

Is this a troll, or do you truly believe that you can develop a rig that won't mangle the quality of the source, especially when Netflix is doing shit like changing the bandwidth on the fly?

Comment Re:Ridonculous (Score 1) 303

My 18 month-old mid-level phone plays Netflix movies like a slideshow

My 24 month-old mid-level phone plays Netflix movies like movies. Flawlessly. Not sure why I'd ever want to watch a movie on such a small screen, though.

Netflix also works flawlessly on my Tronsmart MK908. The interface is shit, but that's Netflix's fault. You really cannot use it without touch or a mouse. If you try to use a remote you will fail. To be candid, I had to load a customized kernel, but that's no longer difficult. You can even build your own, finally. Now if I could just get cifs to work, I suppose I will have to add more debugging.

Comment Re:compholio (Score 1) 303

I installed the same package. The only glitch is that playback is stuttery and unacceptable at HD resolutions. Meanwhile, Netflix works great on Windows XP in vmware player 5 on a Linux host. That involves even more pieces working correctly, but it works a hell of a lot better. I have a Phenom II X6 1045T and a 240GT so there's no particular reason why I shouldn't have smooth playback.

Comment Re:When OS updates break your keyboard (Score 1) 186

Except Android 4.3 broke compatibility with several popular Bluetooth mobile keyboards. At least the keyboard that ships with a device is warranted to work with the device.

Loads of cheap bluetooth keyboards require pinless trust, they have no way to set or accept a PIN. This has never been part of Android but there was a workaround app "bluetooth pairing" which would do the job... until they diddled the bluetooth stack for Android 4.2. Now it no longer works. I'm stuck on a 4.1.1 ROM on my Tronsmart MK908 because of this.

Comment Re:Inspiring (Score 1) 508

I have no doubt that during times when the nation was seriously under threat, the military and intelligence agencies had their pick as there was a clear "good vs evil" delineation and many people would love to fight for their side.

The way it always works is that in wartime they write blank checks and in peacetime they get jealous that people with brains and education should make more than someone without either who can only die in the mud, so they underpay scientists who depart for the private sector.

Comment Re:Curious, what gives them the right to destroy? (Score 1) 508

If they were destroying these computers because there was something criminal on them then surely that constitutes destruction of evidence? And wouldn't that be illegal?

Only if you planned to prosecute. And even then, they were destroying information the prosecution would need more than the defense.

Comment Re:Of course they want your input (Score 1) 183

We need to find ways of making it almost impossible to argue against our point of view.

Great. When you figure out how to control the media, get back to us.

In fact, it will eventually become impossible to argue against our point of view. Everyone dies eventually.

We need something along those lines, and we need to make it the narrative, the frame for every debate.

You cannot do that without controlling the media. So now we're back at the top of the flowchart.

You're not going to win using their tactics on their battlefield. Sorry.

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