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Comment Re:LOX Valve Icing Stikes Again? (Score 2) 170

This is just a learning curve for SpaceX. It's not going to be roses for these guys as much as the Internet-to-Space investors want it to be. And I'm sure Musk and his ex-JPL/NASA boys know this. There's going to be more (and even spectacular) failures initially than successes. Just ask Orbital--Orbital Sciences has been through this as the OP said... decades ago.

Still rooting for them though.

I'm wondering where Virgin G is nowadays...

Comment experience vs theory vs practice (Score 1) 129

The theory is that drones should fly better than manned aircraft--makes logical sense since drones are essentially robots/computers.

The experience is that drone crash more often and mainly caused by human error. Since drones are remotely controlled exclusively, not in a supervisory manner.

The practice is that drone control, equipment, telemetry and pilot training, though not classified as manned operation, were based on manned operation principles (e.g. rules of engagement for instance).

Basically the Human Machine Interface, which includes user interfaces, operational protocol, and vehicle capabilities (i.e. features) is based on manned experience and at this point, we can conclude it doesn't work. We are scratching the surface on proper drone oepration. I'm sure experts back in 1995 generals were thinking, "Oh, it's just like manned flight/operation w/o the physical person in the craft... viola! Done..."

BUT, it doesn't mean drones and the concept of drones are less worthy than manned aircraft. The HMI interface is just wrong. And a lot of the autonomous tech and what's being created on the hobby side is showing that there's a better HMI interface.

Comment science discoveries still happening as normal (Score 1) 470

I find the new problems will relate to the problem of scale. Large scale, such as that in relationship to entropy. We think today's speak of scale, from biological systems, to CERN data results to the Internet architecture, is complex/hard. We have just scratch the surface of what's to come. And that's coming from a trained physicist.

What we see today, inventions are not science, but that of exploitation of science. With the popularity of "making money" (capitalism is just one of many methods of), we are in the age of science exploitation. That's why the current attitude is that "we're done"... and the result? Social technologies....
creativity is mostly being used to create connections and products and not explain nature. That's not right or wrong, but just the facts.

Comment It's not Linux (Score 3, Informative) 270

It's Apple. Linux is just a side show as Apple is eating MS's lunch.

Basically, Dell has brand cache and [used to build] rock solid hardware. If MS can snatch Dell up without paying much (either a buyout, takeover or... loan), then they can compete against Apple and can create the pro-business desire of the elusive closed ecosystem. Nokia is a sinking ship for MS (just keeps everyone at bay). As for servers, pay up on service contracts (MS's ecosystem) or hire expensive sysadmins (Linux)--all ends up costing the same for the commercial user due to the integration problem.

A this point of Linux server adoption, MS likely thinks Linux can go for the guys not willing to pay up or want their own support.... In hopes that it accelerates the environment of Linux apps that are unlicensable (e.g. Mpeg4), slow (the latest DEs), incompatible (mobile, video, flash), or closed (e.g. Android in some respects).

Comment Re:Language is hardly relevant (Score 1) 437

The Tomcat/Linux combo is not because of performance or technology.

It's just when you use tomcat and Java,9 out of 10 IT pros might as well go free and clear with free (not as in beer) Linux instead of paying for Windows, MSDN support, subscripts and stuff. It's not about the tech, it's about the cash!

Comment Re:It's a disease (Score 1) 382


And folks, please don't interpret clinical depression with these summarize-it-all-under-one-idea fallacy. It's a very, very complex issue. We don't know the full of Swartz's situation. Pressure could have driven him over the edge, mental history maybe, connection with people around him.... it's complex. And so speculation ensues.

As well as myself having a parent w/depression from Cancer treatment (and ended passing), and 2 sisters clinically treated from 2 different types of depression (one that some will say is by the 'defiance' struggle and the other, well was from mental issues) and experiencing different views of their thoughts when I talked with them... I say it's a disease.

It's amazing the internet opens so much of our "private" lives, much like it did of Aaron's, yet we didn't "know" him. The internet just gives us enough information to exploit. And that pretty much sums it up.

Comment Re:Willing to bet.. (Score 1) 1706

"The solution to gun violence is not ensuring that everyone is equally armed."

That a direct result to why the 1st option happens. People are trained to go into 'flight' mode and that's a result of 'not ensuring that everyone is equally armed.'

Otherwise, it would be the 1850's and we'd be in gunslinger battles. Though cool to some, the toll would be 2-3x the size and 10x more casualties/collateral damage.

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