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Comment Re:Willing to bet.. (Score 1) 1706

"The solution to gun violence is not ensuring that everyone is equally armed."

That a direct result to why the 1st option happens. People are trained to go into 'flight' mode and that's a result of 'not ensuring that everyone is equally armed.'

Otherwise, it would be the 1850's and we'd be in gunslinger battles. Though cool to some, the toll would be 2-3x the size and 10x more casualties/collateral damage.

Comment Re:..Again. (Score 1) 199

Note, the politicians will spin this either way for their own benefit...

But in the end, TSA's mission was something no one knew how to figure out.

And much like the Space Program, which had a lot of failures before Apollo, if you don't know what the solution is, it's going to cost a lot. Ask any researcher, it's going to be wasteful and big budget. If TSA knew how to solve it's mission beforehand everything would be peachy: e.g. standard gov't waste.

Also, that's why Linux is cheap, we knew what needed to be done! (j/k)

Comment the source of the issue (Score 1) 402

"so many recent exploits have used Java as their attack vector, "

You guys are sure the increase exploits are not because of the hatred of Oracle in Oracle V. Google? Hmmm... Last year is was /. trolling with Flash since Apple made it's argument. Before that it was AVC (vs Ogg or WebM, cause of Apple, Google, FOSS).

This year it appears to be Java.

Even not considering those politics, most attacks, in Java and all frameworks are due to poor implementation by the appdev.

Comment It's the computers stupid! (Score 1) 328

Actually if you take the conclusion one way, one could say that not only probability theory failed us, but simulations are nothing but a feel good (cause to realize the chances, one takes the probability and models/simulates it).

Cause we all know simulations are just tweaking reality into what we want to hear (i.e. what we want to be fact). Right?

Comment Still misses the whole point of testing (Score 1) 65

LAMP is a powerful tool, then again there's MS's solution, Oracle's solution, IBM's, Apple's and Google's (which uses some of LAMP). Most folks I know that use LAMP dev on the live server. Most folks I know that use the other frameworks simulate, then ad-hoc test then test on the server.

Problem is that paradigm works clearly when you can have failures on the metal, aka the server--in that world you revert to older code or reboot.

That's not the case with Robots--you test on the metal and usually can't afford crashing the server (which typically crash the metal). Proprietary still rules for the near future because of that. I'm surprise why ROS has not been tested in a rigorous real time manufacturing environment nor WG expressing any interest to evolve ROS to be a tested/solid framework.

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