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MasterCard Forcing PayPal To Pay Higher Fees 260

iComp sends this quote from El Reg: "PayPal, Google Wallet and other online payment systems face higher transaction fees from MasterCard in retaliation for their refusal to share data on what people are spending. Visa is likely to follow suit. The amount that PayPal has to pay MasterCard for every transaction will go up as the latter introduces new charges for intermediated payment processors. This change is on the grounds that such processors don't share transaction details, which the card giants would love to get hold of as it can be used to research buying patterns and the like. Companies such as PayPal allow payments between users, so the party (perhaps a merchant) receiving the money doesn't need to be registered with the credit-card company. PayPal collects the dosh from the payer's card, and deducts a processing fee before passing the cash on to the receiving party. MasterCard would prefer the receiver to be registered directly so will apply the new fee from June to any payment that is staged in this way."

Comment Re:How come no animals have evolved 4D (Score 1) 387

Yeah and it also says that the plants grew from the earth the way they do today. God didnt just produce full grown trees, they were brought forth and then yielded seeds. It could have said "And God created trees of their full stature already bearing their fruits", but it doesn't. Also the hebrew word for day has three meanings... it means "a 24 hour day" but it also means an unspecific era of time much longer than a day. Many words had multiple meanings because they had fewer words back then, and you have to translate based on context and historical setting.

Comment Be "homeless".. (Score 1) 523

Why go all the way to malaysia? Just be homeless. And by that I mean, live out of your old VW bus or other cheap old van. These days there's plenty of free WiFi where you can work. Sleep in your car. Eat inexpensively. Or if you need actual shelter, a small industrial unit can be had for mere hundreds per month, way cheaper than an apartment. I did both, for a while. It can actually be kinda fun if you do it right. Work in the day, hang out at coffee shops in the evening. If you have a dating partner you can even crash somewhere nice a few days a week.. Never did I consider going to malaysia.

Comment Really? (Score 2, Insightful) 815

What a bunch of immature highschool kids. Stallman is a douchebag. And now Miguel uses a Mac? Man, RMS must be having a total mental breakdown now. WTF people?

Its really simple. You can f around with linux endlessly or you can get tired of it and move on to something more interesting. Obviously, Miguel is getting older and just doesn't want to f around with linux anymore. The Mac (for now) just gets things done. Thats not to say that nobody should f around with linux, obviously we need those people to do that, and eventually they'll get it more and more solid. Bless their little hearts. But in the mean time, other people want to f around with other things and not have to constantly be f'ing with linux.

Its like cars (or motorcycles)...

When your younger, you don't mind the beater car that you have to repair all the time. You dream of the day when its perfectly restored, but you never get there. One day you just realize, you have other things you want to do, so you buy a new car that just works. If you're lucky you can now afford one because you stopped f'ing with linux and started f'ing with something else that you can make a good living at. And if you're really lucky, you pick up some pile of junk to work on solely as a hobby and without the stress of wondering if the f'ing thing is going to get you to work on time.

Comment Conspiracy.. (Score 2) 256

Its an evil Obama plot to take away our cell phones.. no, I mean, its an Obamanation conspiracy to give away cell phones to lazy welfare bums.. ah.. no.. it must be a liberal democrat plan to make Obama the first dictator of America by screwing the kind hearted telecom companies and making us all love him with our free unlocked cell phones and thus we'll abolish the 2 term limit and all become muslims and be overly healthy with our free health care and and and..

Comment Re:Shotgun approach (Score 1) 123

Sorry, WebOS, thats what I meant to say. Not sure if its true or not but supposedly LG was/is going to buy WebOS. Lets not also forget Ubuntu Mobile.

With web based mobile apps getting better and better, the idea of more phone os types that just support web apps starts to become more likely. Microsoft is in trouble in mobile land.


Submission + - Renewable energy now cheaper option than new fossil fuels in Australia (

cylonlover writes: In 2008, the Garnaut Climate Change Review ranked Australia as the highest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases of any OECD country and amongst the highest in the world. One of the reasons for the country's high carbon footprint is its reliance on coal for electricity generation – 54 percent of it, according to the Australian Coal Association. But a new study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) points to a cleaner energy future with the claim that unsubsidized renewable energy is now a cheaper option for electricity generation than new coal- or gas-fired power stations.

Missouri Legislation Redefines Science, Pushes Intelligent Design 813

An anonymous reader writes "Ars reports on new legislation in the Missouri House of Representatives which is seeking equal time in the classroom for Intelligent Design, and to redefine science itself. You can read the text of the bill online. It uses over 600 words to describe Intelligent Design. Scientific theory, the bill says, is 'an inferred explanation of incompletely understood phenomena about the physical universe based on limited knowledge, whose components are data, logic, and faith-based philosophy.' It would require that 'If scientific theory concerning biological origin is taught in a course of study, biological evolution and biological intelligent design shall be taught.' The legislation's references to 'scientific theory' and 'scientific law' make it clear the writers don't have the slightest idea how science actually works. It also has this odd line near the end: 'If biological intelligent design is taught, any proposed identity of the intelligence responsible for earth's biology shall be verifiable by present-day observation or experimentation and teachers shall not question, survey, or otherwise influence student belief in a nonverifiable identity within a science course.'"

Comment Re:Team up with someone else (Score 1) 257

I don't know (personally) any programmer (engineer, designer, or most any creative type) that doesn't have a long list of ideas that could make money. Problem is not in the idea but in finding the time to do it, or the investment $, or whatever.

I have to second the idea of business partner. Somebody who's not a programmer but can maybe spot a need in some area you might never think of. Its hard to find the right chemistry though, the right balance between the business side and the creative side. It has worked for me in the past (but the economy killed the project), and I am in the process of another side project now. But its time permitting, in my case.

I would say these days, except in rare cases, you're not going to make money on an app, or any piece of software. Its like being a rock star -- most don't make it! But if you work at it, you can make a living. There's plenty of studio musicians you've never heard of. There's plenty to be made in services, whether you have something unique or you just provide great, reliable service. Don't think too big, you may not make it as a rock star..

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