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Comment Re:Perfect for Kickstarter (Score 1) 80

Not a real machine but Briel Computers sell (kit or assembled) a "mini replica" of the Altair 8800. The i8080 CPU is emulated with an ATmega but you get the front with LEDs and switches. With a add-on card it can even run CP/M. :)
He also sells the Replica 1 (Apple 1 clone) and Micro-KIM (MOS KIM-1 clone). They, however, use true 6502 processors.

Comment Re:It was the computer for us commoner kids (Score 1) 263

3583 bytes free actually.
And as far as I can recall the Super Expander gave you 3k, not 3000 bytes.
Look at this VIC-20 demo. Try to do that on your paltry ZX81!

The VIC-20 had lots of stuff the ZX81 did not have. A proper keyboard, color graphics, disk drive(s), sound, a real video chip so the processor didn't have to draw the screen (that's why you can either run a program or have screen output. Welcome to the blinking screen!) The only good thing (IMO) about the ZX81 was the cheap, cheap price, otherwise it was a pretty awful machine.

DragonFly 2.4 Released 73

electrostaticcarrot writes "DragonFly — that fourth major BSD — has had its 2.4 release. The 'most invasive change' is the addition and usage of a DevFS for /dev; building on this, drives are now also recognized by serial number (along with /etc/devtab for aliases) as listed in /dev/serno. This is also the first release with a x86-64 ISO, stable but with limited pkgsrc support. Other larger changes include a ported and feature-extended (with full hotplug and port multiplier support) AHCI driver (and SILI driver based on it) originally taken from OpenBSD, major NFS changes, and HAMMER updates. A pkgsrc GIT mirror has also been set up and put in use to make future pkgsrc updates quicker and smoother. Here are two of the mirrors."

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