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DragonFly 2.4 Released 73

electrostaticcarrot writes "DragonFly — that fourth major BSD — has had its 2.4 release. The 'most invasive change' is the addition and usage of a DevFS for /dev; building on this, drives are now also recognized by serial number (along with /etc/devtab for aliases) as listed in /dev/serno. This is also the first release with a x86-64 ISO, stable but with limited pkgsrc support. Other larger changes include a ported and feature-extended (with full hotplug and port multiplier support) AHCI driver (and SILI driver based on it) originally taken from OpenBSD, major NFS changes, and HAMMER updates. A pkgsrc GIT mirror has also been set up and put in use to make future pkgsrc updates quicker and smoother. Here are two of the mirrors."

Comment Re:IDM UltraEdit (Score 1) 1131

And there is syntax highlight for ABB Rapid robot programming language. I sometimes need to program these at work so it's the reason I have it. It's not that expensive either.

I have been contemplating writing Rapid syntax highlight for vim but never gotten around to it. So I wouldn't mind if someone else did :)

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