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Comment Re:Quality, not quantity (Score 1) 554

While this may stop aging (assuming it works in this scenario), it won't stop things like car accidents and murders, and probably won't stop things like heart failures, strokes, cancer, starvation, and obesity related deaths. Obviously there will still be a large number of people who would have died of old age who will no longer die, and this will change how a lot of things work (like social security, pensions, and such), but it probably won't cause an explosion in the population, just a higher proportion of tragic deaths.

It could do very interesting things with the way people live though. If a bunch of people retire at 60 with stable investments and a youthful body, they could do all sorts of things for the next hundred years or so.

Comment Re:.SEX & .XXX & Routers.. OH MY! (Score 1) 335

Yeah, and some DVD stores have different categories between drama VS fantasy VS sci-fi. Is 4chan porn? Is porn? Why not a violence domain?

The solution is to let people do what they want. This is not a real problem. The only problem is with people who want the government to get involved in this.

Comment Re:Go for it (Score 1) 1065

Honestly, I have no problem with individual theaters choosing to scramble cell phones as long as they inform their patrons. There are plenty of places that simply don't have cell phone service, and you can choose not to enter those places.

This, on the other hand, would be a mandate that forces people's actions to be crippled by their own cars. I've been in countless situations where I've been a passenger in a car and called someone up to get directions, many times while on a highway. Forcing us to pull over and stop in that situation would actually increase the risk of car accidents.

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