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Comment Re:Crossing the line ... (Score 0) 550

The ADA specifies 5 covered entities. Tell me which if these is a video game:

1. Employment: no
2. Public Entity: no
3. Public Transportation: no
4. Public Accommodation: no
5. Commercial Facility: no (virtual doesn't count)
6. Telecommunication: That's as close as you're going to get, but I'm going to go with 'no' on this as well.

Comment Re: burden of proof / implications on free speech (Score 1) 394

While we're at it:

What if they're both professional heavyweight boxers, set to face off for the heavyweight title?
What if they run into each other at a public masquerade ball, one seduces the other, and they don't figure it out until they wake up the next morning?
What if there are three people, person A with a restraining order against B, B against C, and C against A, and they all simultaneously stalk each other?

The mysteries of restraining orders are seemingly endless!

Comment How is the GPS installation physically done? (Score 2, Interesting) 194

How is the GPS installation physically performed? Do they have a cop walk up to a car and clip it onto the bottom, all while hoping no one notices? What if the car is in a garage? What if you see them putting the GPS on your car, after they have obtained a warrant? Are you allowed to take it off?

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