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Comment Of knock offs and and "reviews" (Score 1) 178

Is the practice of paying others to write reviews of your app banned? Is paying them to write only 5 star reviews banned? My thoughts are that if this practice isn't specifically banned, how can you just knock a developer completely out? Maybe a warning and removal of all "paid" comments would be better and then if they continued doing it, then ban them? This one strike rule is highly confrontational in nearly all places. It doesn't do justice to humanity: to err is human. If you don't fix your erring ways, then i can understand such force against that one individual. (things like illegal downloads, and turning off the internet b/c of it is highly problematic for many reasons. One is that it restricts the family members or others in the place as well who haven't done anything). Regardless, requiring one to be non-human is very degrading.

Comment Server Security? (Score 1) 342

If functions can now be data passed around as variables, doesn't this reduce the security of an application? Granted, you don't need to use blocks but i can envision a future world where internet server software is written heavily in blocks. What if a block makes it's way into the system from the outside world? Its the same thing as a code injection hack but this technology could potentially make it much more simple to do that. Yet another security concern.

Given the new-ness of the technology it seems like some of these security issues need to be worked out... patterns developed and such.

This technology strikes me as a solution for user experience issues and not bullet proofed for server solutions. I may be wrong.

Comment Encrypt the encryption key. (Score 1) 426

When they say that you need to hand it over, couldn't you give them the encryption the encryption key with a second key? Then when they ask for THAT key, you encryt that second key with a third key. etc etc. Could this postpone giving them any info ever at all?

IOW. Does the law say anything about the format of the encryption key?

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