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Comment Seen ACS:Law's 5 point plan? (Score 1) 218

This is to reduce piracy. Seems reasonable.

"Introduce fixed fines of £750.00 minimum
Introduce statutory damages of £750.00 as a minimum for each act of copyright infringement (such provision exists presently in the United States);

ISPs to provide names of internet account holders
Make all Internet Service Providers produce, on request of a copyright owner or licensee, the identities of the account holders of the internet connection used for illegal file sharing of their copyrighted material. The cost of producing such information would be met by the copyright owner requesting it;

Strict liability for internet account holders
Make the account holder of the internet connection strictly liable for infringements where their connection was used for illegal file sharing

Simplify the court process
Streamline, simplify and speed up the court process of a copyright owner applying for the identities of the account holders from ISPs (this is presently a complex and time-consuming procedure); and

Standardise letters of claim and court documents
Secure approval and consensus for standard-form letters, documents and claims making the process of notification and prosecution of an identified infringement clear and easy to understand, with the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven."

Sorry, did I say reasonable, I meant horrifying.

Comment Re:"racially offensive"? (Score 1) 783

You might have a point there.

IF there wasn't a huge history of racists calling black people monkeys. If black football players (both in the UK and in europe) weren't greeted with chants of "ooh ooh ooh" and didn't have bananas thrown at them, you might have had a point. As things stand, it is a very common racist insult to liken a black person to a monkey. And let's get this clear - it is a RACIST insult, not an insult about a single person, but an insult about their race.

But I'm sure the person who made the picture was absolutely horrified to discover all this, right?

Comment Re:"racially offensive"? (Score 1) 783

I suspect you know the answer and are just trying to avoid it, but let me explain. George Bush being photoshopped to look like a monkey is a personal insult implying he is as intelligent as a monkey. Michelle Obama being photoshopped to look like a monkey is a personal insult because it is implying her race makes her equal to a monkey. The former isn't racist, the latter is.

Submission + - Apple says booting OS X makes an unauthorized copy 9

recoiledsnake writes: Groklaw has an extensive look at the latest developments in the Psystar vs. Apple story. There's a nice picture illustrating the accusation by Apple that Psystar makes three unauthorized copies of OS X. The most interesting however, is the last copy. From Apple's brief: "Finally, every time Psystar turns on any of the Psystar computers running Mac OS X, which it does before shipping each computer, Psystar necessarily makes a separate modified copy of Mac OS X in Random Access Memory, or RAM. This is the third unlawful copy." Psystar's response: "Copying a computer program into RAM as a result of installing and running that program is precisely the copying that Section 117 provides does not constitute copyright infringement for an owner of a computer program. As the Ninth Circuit explained, permitting copies like this was Section 117’s purpose." Is Apple seriously arguing that installing a third party program and booting OS X results in copyright infringement due to making a derivative work and an unauthorized copy?

Comment Re:They didn't say 'unlimited PIRATED movies, musi (Score 3, Interesting) 247

"I think some people forget that there is an endless amount of freely playable, listenable and viewable content on the web...."

I think they are well aware of it, and want to nip it in the bud by effectively outlawing it and restoring their position as the only distributors of content. While they might be genuinely concerned about piracy, I think they also realise that this is also a prime opportunity to make a land grab for all internet content.


Submission + - UK file-sharers to be 'cut off'. Thanks Mandy. ( 1

naich writes: "Despite not being swayed on filesharing policy when he had dinner with DreamWorks co-founder David Geffen, Peter Mandelson has intervened personally to beef up the powers given to OFCOM. The change of policy from waiting until 2012 for a report from regulator Ofcom to one of suspending the net accounts "hardcore copyright pirates" is just a coincidence."

Comment Re:OOh (Score 1) 803

"Just works" as in I plugged in my new printer and nothing obvious happened. "Bugger", I thought and started piddling around. After a few seconds it became apparent that rather than nothing happening, Ubuntu had detected the printer, got the drivers and set it all up for me - it just hadn't bothered to tell me it had done all this. The printer was ready for use with absolutely no input required from me.

That's how I like things to "just work".

Comment What's wrong with sharing files? (Score 3, Insightful) 252

I really do not like the way that most news outlets say that "file sharing" is illegal. It's not. Sharing *copyrighted* files is but in itself, the act of sharing isn't. The distinction is an an important one as producers of open source and even some musicians use sharing to their advantage, but it seems to be getting increasingly lost in the noise.

The danger is that the credibility of these new models will be eroded over time with the repetition of the general concept that sharing is wrong.

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