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Comment Re:Android the free OS. (Score 1) 241

I guess if the cellphone manufacturers aren't willing to run Microsoft's mobile OS on their devices, Microsoft will just have to start acting like all the other patent trolls that don't make viable products either.

Look at the other side of the coin as well. The list of companies that have agreements to pay MS in order to use Android is made up of companies that are in the business of selling other MS products. Samsung and HTC both sell Windows Phone devices, and Samsung sells Windows laptops as well. Compal (Windows laptops), Acer (Windows PCs and laptops), Itronix (Windows laptops), Velocity Micro (Windows PCs and laptops), Wistron (Windows PCs and laptops), and Quanta (Windows laptops) are all also manufacturers of Windows devices. I can't find a link for Viewsonic and Onkyo, but I'm sure it's there somewhere.

This is the same sort of agreement as when MS said that computer manufacturers had to pay MS for every PC they sold whether it had Windows or not. I'm sure it's worth throwing MS a few dollars more for every Android device if it means they're not going to chop your PC business off at the knees.

Motorola and Barnes and Noble don't have any skin in the PC game, so it's likely that they won't settle prior to a lawsuit.

Comment Re:pundits (Score 1) 327

To be fair they wrote their reviews before Steve Jobs died and stirred up a mass hysteria over all things Apple, and definitely before preorders opened. Or are you telling me that you don't think that 10,000 articles about Apple nostalgia wouldn't drive up sales?

No, but I fully expected that people like you would find some lame excuse when the iPhone 4s would sell well.

"people like me" meaning anyone that disagrees?

Comment Earth's rotation (Score 1) 226

My money is on the fact that the true path of the beam was not from one city to the other, but from the spot where one city was when it started to where the other city was when it stopped. If the path was opposite the rotation of the earth, that'd be very slightly shorter right? Earth doesn't spin fast compared to the speed of light, but this error wasn't very large either

Comment Re:pundits (Score 2, Insightful) 327

To be fair they wrote their reviews before Steve Jobs died and stirred up a mass hysteria over all things Apple, and definitely before preorders opened. Or are you telling me that you don't think that 10,000 articles about Apple nostalgia wouldn't drive up sales?

Comment Give generous notice and take the best job (Score 2) 735

1. Tell the new employer that you'd like to give a longer-than-usual notice to your current employer
2. Figure out between you and your new employer what length of time is reasonable
3. Tell your old employer that you're leaving, but that you're giving them this extended notice
4. Make the move

Hopefully when you're looking for the next job after this one your current employer will remember that you did them a favor, because that's who you'll likely be using as a reference and not these new people you're talking to now. And even if they forget that you were nice to them on the way out, you'll still know that you did "the right thing" (and not "the sucker thing" by staying forever just because they weren't smart enough to make people slightly redundant)

Comment Re:Business subsidies need to be revisted (Score 1) 211

I think there are good ways to be involved and bad ways to be involved in the market. IMHO the anger over Solyndra's loans is justified not just by the facts that were apparently readily available about that company, but by the way the government was essentially picking winners in the market and providing money before any good was delivered rather than promising to support companies that had already proved their own value. I'd much rather the government say "we're going to start buying electric cars for our own fleets on X date, and we'll do it from whoever can make the best product" than say "we're going to give new company X some money to design and build electric cars." You could do the same thing by committing to buy green power from nuclear/solar/wind providers rather than providing or guaranteeing loans from unstarted companies. I think if we can make commitments to buy products from companies that have already worked out the details and have proven themselves to investors we can get a healthier outcome. Not only does that get them value for the money that they did spend, but it will multiply that value by adding itself to money from investors in the other startups that didn't get picked but produced second-best products or valuable new technology. If the market knows that there will be a buyer, then someone will get the investment that is needed to become a producer.

I know it won't happen, but it seems like the best way to spend this subsidy money would be for the government to defray the cost from the best and cheapest rural Internet providers (or give out vouchers that people can use to pick their own supplier). That way there will be incentive to provide good service, and there will likely be service provided by more than just the companies that end up coming out on top and getting government money. I'm sure what they'll do instead is just throw money at anyone who provides even crummy service, and as a result they'll get the lowest denominator return on that investment. Maybe this plan won't work as well in monopoly industries like cable, but it seems like the majority of the markets would work better this way.

Comment Re:No kidding (Score 1) 156

The thing is: Most people don't want to lug around a separate device that can't be used for *anything* other than reading text, especially when the devices are reliant on proprietary (i.e. device specific) software, restricting the available input formats and causing rendering problems on more complicated PDFs and such. I've heard many a complaint about eBook readers' PDF rendering - they don't seem to be suitable for anything much other than reading fully reflowable text.

That's not really an e-ink problem, it's not like e-ink and PDFs are incompatible

Comment Re: US Ponzi (Score 1) 148

No one ever talks about revenue or spending either, just debt. Debt is the result of revenue minus spending, and any idiot could have predicted that revenue would not be doing well after the economy tanked. I'd like to see a graph of how much revenue and spending changed over the years, so that we can factor out declines in revenue from the increases in the debt.

Comment Re:Let me know if I'm wrong... (Score 3, Interesting) 86

AFAIK Android intents are push rather than pull. And that's a pretty big difference, since you have to either select the app/site you're pushing to at the time of the push or preset it beforehand (meaning you have control of who's receiving the data). This looks like it has a return path though, so it does seem like it might be risky.

Comment Re:Not incriminating (Score 1) 114

It doesn't make sense that this email was a start of a suggestion that they get a license, since it seems to be the culmination of them going through "a hundred of these" alternatives to Java and discounting them all. Whoever sent the email saying that they should look through a hundred alternatives to Java (TFA says that it's Larry and Sergey) was already considering whether or not they should get a license. It seems like if they were confident that they still wouldn't need a license they wouldn't have initiated what must have been a fairly large process of checking alternatives.

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