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Comment Re:Europe (Score 1) 348

Better to use XBMC Live, which installs a stripped-down version of Ubuntu. Bonus then is that you can buy the Revo with Linpus rather than Windows 7, and avoid paying the Windows Tax.

Still not parent-proof, though, even if you set it up for them (for example, I'd like to know what reset my modelines the other day so I only had 60Hz modes available - all the PAL content got very juddery...)

Comment Re:More problems (Score 1) 486

Yet another potential problem that no one seems to have mentioned yet is that of shared houses. If my flatmate has a virus (which he doesn't any more because I cleaned it off last night) then the whole house is going to be seen as "infected" and four innocent people will be cut off the internet due to the indiscretions of one person. This could be made all the worse if the person owning the infected computer is on holiday for a week.

Roll on IPv6, I guess, where they'll be able to cut off just the offending machine, as there'll be enough public IP addresses for everyone.

Until then, though, I'd still support cutting the connection. Allowing an infected machine to spew for a week in order to be fair to the housemates is unfair to the rest of the Internet.

As you said, though, the trick is doing it without losing customers — which means all providers would need to start cutting botnet customers at the same time. I suspect we'll see pigs flying at that point...

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