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Comment Re:Not a troll but.... (Score 1) 708

Everything I look at on System76's site mentions a display with a "super glossy surface". Fail.

At least Apple lets you have the option of matte on some of their machines.

(Plus I'm in the UK. System 76 ships from the US only, and doesn't cover taxes and import duties. So I have no idea what one of their machines would cost me until the moment it arrives — and if I decide the total's too much, I'd bet I can't ask the courier to return it and get a full refund of everything I've paid including shipping. I'd have to be either rich or desperate to not buy a Windows/Mac OS laptop to take that gamble.)

Comment Re:Propaganda or Bad reporting? (Score 1) 898

On the other hand, if someone punches you and you fall and bang your head on the ground, but end up with nothing but scratches and bruises, it's assault.

If you have a weak skull and die from the injury, they will be charged with manslaughter. (UK law, your jurisdiction may vary.)

The basic principle is that the one that committed the assault, without bothering to find out if their victim had a condition that would make the outcome especially serious, bears full responsibility for the consequences. If things came out worse than they intended, that's their problem.

So, since there's precedent for this with physical assault, why not with emotional assault as well?

Comment Re:Most people don't know shit (Score 1) 567

In an luxury car, the heating/cooling system is controlled by setting a desired temperature; the car then does the right thing.

On a cold winter day, when most drivers of these cars start their vehicle, they immediately turn up the temperature control to its highest setting in the belief that this will cause the interior of the car to more quickly warm up.

Their actions accomplish nothing, and if they had even a basic understanding that the motor must warm up before the heating system will be able to blow warm air, they might use the system in a rational manner.

Or they just want to set the controls before moving off and have the hot air to come out as soon as it's available, rather than having to keep checking the temperature gauge and then adjust the heater controls while driving.

Of course, in a well-designed car, turning the heating to max with a cold engine would cause a heating element to warm the air until the engine heat was sufficient for the element to be automatically switched off.

Comment Re:Does Lion support resume? (Score 1) 453

Yes, App Store downloads (which is what Lion is) can be paused and resumed, and will auto-resume if the connection goes down then comes back. Trust me, with my quality phone line, I've already researched this :)

Not sure what will happen if it suddenly finds some wireless provider's login page appearing when it expects to find the App Store server, but hopefully Apple thought of that...


Submission + - Time To Close the Security Theater (

An anonymous reader writes: An editorial at Forbes calls for the dismantling of the TSA, pointing to recent headlines as the latest examples of 'security theater' at its worst. From the article: "The problem isn’t that the TSA is harassing the wrong people. The problem is that the TSA is harassing anyone. The TSA is encroaching on fundamental liberties and providing no discernable benefit. ...Naturally, the TSA responds to incidents like these by saying that the agents are highly trained and that they have followed proper procedure. This indicates a signal failing for the agency: if “doing it by the book” involves touching people in ways that would be considered sexual assault in virtually any other context or telling a 90-year old breast cancer survivor to remove her bra lest it contain explosives (as happened to a friend’s grandmother), then the book needs to be shredded and rewritten. Better yet, it needs to be replaced with a competitive market for air travel in which the airports, the airways, and the airliners are in private hands. Some might object that private firms will have incentives to cut corners on safety. It is a legitimate concern, but competitive mechanisms tend to weed this out."

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