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Comment Re:"With its overtly Christian message" (Score 1) 1251

There are dozens of commandments in the old testament, more than a few on the correct treatment of slaves, women, cattle, and other "property". Strict Jews expect all of them to be known and obeyed. Christians narrow it down to ten, and George Carlin managed to get it down to two, but rule based morality (including western law) really all boils down to one golden rule found in virtually every religion - "do unto others".

Comment Re:Help! The Paranoids are after me... (Score 2) 670

Your attitude is all platitude.

... then you also need to convince them not to buy $200 sports jerseys, $100 bottles of Tequila, and designer clothes...

Your data-less, prejudicial canard is based on the Regan-era false-trope of the "Welfare Queen". It's a way of expressing contempt for the poor and for those who have an economic condition of disadvantage institutionally guaranteed by public and corporate policy. You get to hate, and to justify your lack of compassion. Way to go.

The fact is this: "You need to convince them" is key. Billions of dollars are spend convincing the entire American public they need this valueless, empty bullshit.
The "You" in your prescription had better be prepared to spend at a commensurate level to counter the consumerist brainwashing.

But I suspect that you don't really have your own opinions, do you? You get to select those pre-digested doctrines which allow you to justify your current role and station, while assuaging your fear of losing position.

Comment THE POINT OF THE AMAZON ANNOUNCEMENT (Score 5, Insightful) 189

Was NOT to propose a "Drone Delivery Service" -


- 1 Normalize and socialize the idea of drones as a common, novel feature of US civilian airspace. Contextualize debate on practical advantage over risks and intrusion.

- 2 Position Amazon as a fixture in people's discourse and attention. First, during an expected competitive and difficult shopping season and ultimately for long-term.

Comment Re:The blue tits of death. (Score 2) 299

Don't men suffer from overeating as well?

Yes we do, the difference is we don't feel guilty about it. The bra is "working" on the same (unreliable) principle that a lie detector uses, if there is no stress from guilt/fear/whatever then the bra won't detect anything.The idea that someone needs an app to tell them "what mood their in" strikes me as more having a lot more comedic potential than commercial potential, although it maybe a big hit with the Japanese sub-culture that sees impractical inventions as some kind of performance art.

Comment Re:I am not convinced (Score 2) 345

Yes, and coal cannot match a cities demand curve any better than solar or wind, the "resilience" the GP speaks of doesn't just magically appear with coal plants, there are gas turbines and hydro dams involved to store/boost the energy when the plants flat output curve does not match the wavy demand curve. The idea that an individual generator must produce a consistent 'baseload' output is nonsense. Supply must match the demand curve, and no method of power generation does that by itself, including coal and nuclear..

Comment Re:Name them. (Score 1) 345

and also the energy storage problem is solvable

Why not do exactly that same as is already done for coal. The demand curve for a city is not flat like the output of a coal plant, during off-peak a coal plant is producing too much electricity and during peak it's not generating enough. They handle this by using the excess to pump water into a hydro dam, and using gas turbines to make up the shortfall during the peak.

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