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Comment Re:YEC indicates the absence of self-skepticism. (Score 1) 335

LOL, and you were telling others how to be a skeptic. C'mon, take the challenge, be scientific and disprove my outrageous claim by providing a single example of a climate scientist making the claims that you have been told they are making. Putting words in the mouth of your opponent is propaganda 101, and you have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

Comment Re:Careful! (Score 0) 69

This ain't the US mate, there is absolutely nothing illegal about "hacking" to find your own password, the only people who will give a rat's arse about that are the tinfoil hat types. Even they will forget about it next week when they're busy building their sadomasochistic fantasies around the next "cyber war" story.

It's so fucking simple even a US senator could understand it. If someone has control of your machine then of course they can scrape it's memory, but a run of the mill keylogger would be much less hassle and far more useful.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Interesting) 27

We have had "proof" for a long time in the mathematical sense, what has been more difficult is collecting enough evidence to say (beyond reasonable doubt) they exist in reality (the movie of stars orbiting the milky way's central black hole is my favorite "smoking gun"). I'm 54, when I went to school we were told black holes were "mathematical curiosities" that might exist in reality but nobody was sure, it was also claimed that it was impossible to observe an exo-planet. We live in "interesting times", science in general and astronomy in particular are experiencing a "golden age" that has it's roots in WW2 and is still gathering momentum.

Using maths to predict the existence of unobserved phenomena, and then looking for evidence of that phenomena in the real world is physics in a nutshell. It's also the reason astronomers no longer laugh at the big bang theory.

Comment Re:YEC indicates the absence of self-skepticism. (Score 1) 335

Facts are not ad-homs, if you genuinely believe you are not perpetuating the "back radiation" strawman then my challenge is still a very relevant exercise in self-skepticisim. I hope (for your sake) you take up that challenge, it might help you to cultivate some of that humility the other poster was talking about and work out you're angry at the wrong people.

IIRC Spencer is the guy who created that particular strawman. But you are right that it's not just about Spencer, don't you think it's strange that virtually all the "scientific" sources you have provided me with over the years just happen to all belong to the same echo chamber. Does it tell you anything that the 50 odd lobbying organizations in that echo chamber are all located on or very close to K-street? And no, this isn't a conspiracy theory, it's a loosely coordinated 20yr $50M marketing effort sporadically funded by companies such as Peabody coal, and strongly supported by politicians such as Senator Inhofe. These people don't deserve the blind faith you have given them.

Comment A rose by any other name... (Score 1) 138

I've known two bad cases of schizophrenia (who could not hold onto a job), the negativity comes from the effect it can have on the person, not the word itself. Unfortunately the bottom line in society is that if your mind behaves "strangely" then others will shun you, if your body behaves strangely (say, cancer) then others will act with compassion, provided it's not contagious (eg:leprosy). On the bright side I think there is a lot more compassion and understanding toward "thought disorders" today than when I grew up in the 60's.

Changing the name is at best temporary relief from the stigma, the new term will eventually pick up the same stigma as the old one. As a "functioning schizophrenic" you have the opportunity to change people's attitudes by example, I understand it takes a great deal of courage to do that but you will never change anyone's attitude by "staying in the closet". For example when I think of Stephen Fry, I think educated, witty, curios, homosexual, intelligent, atheist, bipolar, introspective, honest and open, which when all rolled together creates an interesting and likeable personality.

Comment Re:More bullshit (Score 4, Interesting) 138

So when I gave my wife's friend (whom I didn't know was schizophrenic) a half a joint to calm her down because she was upset, according to you she was acting when she went wandering around my yard pulling her hair out because she was planning to kill someone? Schizophrenia has both genetic and environmental causes, you have a much greater chance of having it if a relative has it, for example if your twin has it you chances of having it are 40%, However it normally doesn't appear until after puberty and it's onset is usually associated with an emotional crisis, such as a divorce. The woman mentioned above "didn't have it" until she was in her mid-thirties.

BTW: Your OBSERVABLE lack of empathy and anger about this could be some sort a mental illness, I'd get that checked out if I were you.

Comment Re:Why Harm? (Score 3, Interesting) 138

I've known two people who have had it in a bad way, both had adverse reactions to dope (a good indicator), neither was violent although their behavior sometimes made people very uncomfortable. One of them went missing a decade ago in the bush, they found his car but he is still missing. Both of them had a very difficult time trying to lead a normal life. One contracted it in his late teens, the other in her mid-thirties, for both of them the onset came at the same time as an emotional crisis (breaking up with someone they loved).

I myself have had auditory and visual hallucinations several times ( from staying awake for 3-4 days ) the auditory ones happen when it's quiet and it's always someone saying my name. It's kinda freaky and fascinating at the same time because it doesn't sound like "a voice in your head", it sounds like someone is in the room with you. I can't imagine how freaky it must be to have full blown conversations with it on a regular basis.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is already legit (Score 2) 300

Ummm, it's dollars and euros that are being laundered here, not bitcoins. However I think casinos are still the laundry of choice for organized crime (hint some of those gambling addicts aren't really addicts). Oh, and the word you were looking for is non-existent.

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