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Comment Re:isn't it used on violent prisoners? (Score 2) 326

One solution would be to rearrange the cells in new prisons to allow them to communicate with a small group of other prisoners even while isolated. Perhaps if they were placed in such a way as to allow them to physically interact at even a distant level so they can play cards or board games.

The current system is complete isolation but it may not be necessary. Just high isolation may be enough to keep the danger level down but the mental health of the prisoners up.

Comment Re:Why so defensive about French? (Score 1) 506

France really isn't. They don't perceive any sort of attack on their culture and every one of their neighbours speaks a different language (except Belgium, which speaks French). Quebec, on the other hand, is smack dab in the middle of an English speaking CONTINENT. All their neighbours speak English and they perceive any anglo encroachment as an attack on their culture. The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled Bill 101 and other language laws as unconstitutional, but by invoking the Notwithstanding Clause they are able to ignore that ruling.

Personally, I think all anglos should run, not walk, to an english speaking jurisdiction. Let Quebec die under the weight of their language storm troopers.

Comment Re:Web blew it all up? (Score 1) 333

The web has been sucking for about 5 years now, IMO. I find many sites are about 75% advertising and 25% content. Then there are the sites that absolutely refuse to let you view content unless you accept their cookies so they can track you. The web used to be great for finding information, now with all the SEO junk running around, trying to find anything is becoming more difficult. I'll often search for an obscure electronics part and get stupid results like the first 10 search results being from basically the same page (which is not related or does not contain the search term of "datasheet" but is instead trying to tell me what chinese sweat shop I can order it from) on a different domain, requiring me to drill down 3 or 4 pages to begin to find relevant results.

Comment Re:Not the only state with this law (Score 1) 670

Canada Border Services Agency can do the same thing.

I think it's fucking disgusting that this can happen. They don't have to charge you with a crime. They just declare the money as "bad" and make you prove that the money was earned legitimately.

Many provinces also have proceeds of crime legislation. The Government of Ontario has abused their implementation of the law to try to take someone's house (I don't know if they have been successful) after they were convicted of improper storage of a firearm (and I'm not getting into the mess that legislation is. there is no definition of proper storage) because they chose to fight the charge instead of plead guilty like a good little prole.

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