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Comment Do not taunt Mysterious Space Ball (Score 5, Funny) 192

Mysterious Space Ball fell to earth in Namibia, presumably from outer space.

Authorities recovered the Mysterious Space Ball in a grassy village north of Windhoek, the country's capital.

Mysterious Space Ball, which appears to be made of 'two halves welded together,' has a rough surface, a 14-inch diameter and measures 43 inches around.

Mysterious Space Ball created a crater 13 inches deep and almost 12.5 feet wide, but was found almost 60 feet from the landing spot.

Mysterious Space Ball weighs 13 pounds and is made of a 'metal alloy known to man.'

NASA and the European Space Agency will both help investigate Mysterious Space Ball.

Do not taunt Mysterious Space Ball.

Comment Where else do our parts come from? (Score 5, Interesting) 155

Someone should do a article or investigation into all the obscure places our hardware comes from, especially concentrations where most of one type comes from a small area.

We only ever seem to hear about these places when something goes wrong.

Remember that time in the '90s when a Taiwanese RAM factory caught fire, and it turned out to be a big chunk of world RAM output? Sent prices spiking for a while.

Conversely, it's surprising how little the Japanese tsunami affected the tech world. I guess their industries were concentrated further south.

Comment Portable media? (Score 1) 354

I wonder how much of the drop in laptop/netbook sales is due to the massive portable media avaiable?

Lately I have found myself carrying around a portable HDD that is 1TB in size and carries almost all of my data. I don't really have to take my laptop to school, when I can just take everything with me and plug my drive in to a school computer.

No need for an 'on-the-go' computer, and it works for sharing files with friends, between my multiple computers, etc.

Comment Best part of the hearings? (Score 2) 181

Those of you who were following the hearing, what do you think was the best part?

Either +1 Insightful or +1 Funny. Or even -1 FUCKING WRONG

My favorite part was how Sheila Jackson Lee's tantrum over a tweet from a opponent lawmaker delayed things - but not the fact the person was tweeting about being bored and surfing the internet.

"We are debating the Stop Online Piracy Act and Shiela Jackson [sic] has so bored me that I'm killing time by surfing the Internet."

Comment Re:Maybe not delayed (Score 2) 181

I'm curious, how do they get this shit done?

I mean, obviously Hollywood/IP industries have a lot of money, but we do actually have very transparent means of seeing who gets campaign contributions from where.

How are they pulling the strings or giving the money?

Comment Re:Solution to US debt problem (Score 2) 449

Are you actually this thick, or are you trolling?

The naming convention is obvious:

1. Presidents - Not every president, obviously, since there are only 12 carriers.
2. Navy officers - Nimitz
3. Prominent navy supporters in congress - Vinson, Stennis
4. Past famous warships - No longer in use after retirement of Kitty Hawk.

Gerald Ford fits into at two of those categories, maybe three. I don't know how you think he doesn't deserve one.

The real outcast is Nixon, who will probably never get one due to Watergate. Maybe even because of his China diplomacy, now that we're enemies with them.

Comment Re:Why DDoS Simmons Site? (Score 2) 180

Boo hoo, did I hurt your feeling by making fun of your favorite clown? At least if it was cocaine he would have an excuse.

Just looked this idiot up, he supposedly claims never to have done drugs? I guess he has no excuse then, other than "I'm greedy as fuck"

But not knowing by memory the personal lives of washed-up has-beens from the 70s means it's not "insightful" to point out that he's a douchebag? You and other celebrity fanboys are sick.

Comment Re:Why DDoS Simmons Site? (Score 4, Insightful) 180

Oh wow, you didn't even post the even more stark comparison with the one below his:

GENE SIMMONS ''Shares in Krispy Kreme. I made a handsome profit.''

DORIS ROBERTS (''Everybody Loves Raymond'') ''At Ground Zero, the policemen and the firemen gave me a flag and a piece of the first tower that went down. I cried so...I asked, 'Why are you giving this to me?' and they said, 'We've been here since 9/11 looking for pieces of our friends. Then we go home at night and turn on the telly, and there you are making us laugh. You bring us back into life.'''

Really, Gene? Did you really need those Krispy Kreme shares? Were you hit by high cocaine prices that trashed your savings?

Mods, please stop hitting the parent post with flamebait tags, it really is insightful about Gene Simmons.

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