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Comment The end of accessible programming? (Score 1) 709

First programming language I ever learned was BBC Basic on an Acorn Archimedes computer. A fantastic language which was easy to pick up and start working with.

I feel very, very fortunate that I caught the tail end of the time where easy programming environments were bundled with computers, since learning those concepts at an early age is what has allowed me to learn the other languages I do now.

Surely it must be harder for this generation to really start programming, at least on the desktop, without such accessible environments?

Comment It's happened already with Chip and Pin (Score 1) 146

A couple of years ago there was a news story about how Chip and Pin devices had been hacked in the factory to send information overseas:

This definitely falls into Villasenor's "shipping data out" category.

There was also a story recently of someone convicted of modifying these devices.

Comment Surely this is a moot point? (Score 1, Informative) 337

The analysis over at Dark Shikari's blog was conclusive in saying that VP8 is basically a poor mans H.264, borrowing bits of H.264s specifications and ultimately not quite as smart, so the comparison points in the article aren't that surprising. The quality point is moot however anyway, since it's pretty obvious that VP8 uses so much from H.264 that it's very likely of falling victim to the patent pool.

Comment Ask Slashdot: PHP/JS Dev environments (Score 1) 279

Are there actually ANY good development environment for working with PHP and Javascript simultaneously? I use NetBeans but it doesn't really keep track of say, when a javascript function loads data from a php with the xml loader and things like that. I always end up with a strange hybrid of serverside and clientside code that is impossible to sensibly keep track of. Any suggestions?

Comment Changes in technology = Changes in expectations (Score 1) 250

Professional quality productions are possible, and to a certain degree, easy, to make on a home computer now. This means people in whatever media industry expect that grade of quality when they review demo cds, independant films, etc.

I would imagine the same goes for games, but from my observations, it seems like most people start there own company and just get on with it and find a publisher, rather that being scooped up by a larger development house.

Comment Re:It is profitable for me (Score 1) 393

Exactly, as cheezy as it sounds, especially in the context of software, the world does indeed profit from open source.

If every company contributed something alongside their larger business model, we'd live in a much nicer world. Oracle needs to open it's eyes to the bigger picture in my opinion instead of demanding that Open Source explain itself.

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