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Submission + - US Fears Chinese Malware Hidden in Imports (

hapworth writes: Sources close to the Obama administration say the White House believes China has been delivering malware-contaminated computer and network hardware to targeted companies. According to author Robert McGarvey, the situation is so serious that experts are recommending companies unplug key computers from their networks, to make sure data stays in-house; and at least one government agency in Washington, DC, isn't allowing Chinese-made computers on the premises. A retired security official quoted in the story notes that the truly worrisome thing is that these hidden bugs are hard to detect: "What you might find is hardware that just is a little off spec, and in that variation is the vulnerability. But you probably won’t even know it is there."

Submission + - User Poll Shows Tablets, eReaders Top Tech Gift Gu (

Lucas123 writes: Every year, Computerworld polls its readers on what types of tech gear they want to give and/or receive for the holidays. While the top five categories they chose are pretty much the same as in 2010 — tablets, e-readers, smartphones, laptops and HDTVs — the products themselves have changed significantly. For example, Android powerhouses such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet are strong contenders this year while in years past Apple's iPhone 4S and iPad 2 topped the lists.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Web usage-based billing on its way ( 1

tripleevenfall writes: The days of watching movies on the cheap via the Web may soon be over. Time Warner Cable and U.S. pay-TV companies are on the verge of instituting new fees on Web-access customers who use the most data. Cable's best option is to find ways to profit from the online shift, said Moffett. If the companies were to lose all of their video customers, the revenue decline would be more than offset by a lower programming fees and set-top box spending.

"In the end, it will be the best thing that ever happened to the cable industry," Moffett said.


Submission + - TV Ownership Declines 2

bs0d3 writes: Every year, the estimated number of U.S. households owning TV sets goes up. Until now. This year, for the first time since 1970, tv ownership has gone down; by about 1%. TV ownership among the key adult 18-49 demo also declined even steeper, down 2.7 percent and percentage of homes without a TV is at the highest level since 1975. The reasons behind this appear to be online media content and the recession.
Operating Systems

Submission + - OS.js - JavaScript Operating System (

Anti-S writes: "A (semi) based Operating System written in JavaScript. A short excerpt from the description on the web-page:

OS.js started out as a tool to use on my home server so i could run GUI applications to configure services without installing X and a window manager (including VNC or similar remote management) and connect from anywhere in the world just using a web-browser. But lately I’ve also found some other uses for it, mainly HTML5 application development.

Includes a window manager and a simple desktop environment (similar to most Linux envs out there). Standards are inspired by GTK and

Applications are developed using Glade Interface Designer (GTK+3 XML) and (optionally) an SQL database XML-scheme.

A built-in compiler creates JavaScript, CSS, SQL and PHP templates from the projects including support for events (signals). One can also create static applications from raw HTML, JS and CSS.

A Virtual Filesystem(VFS) is included. It works with local files, block devices, network connections, compressed files etc.

Applications uses a public API that consists of simple OS operations and calls to the application server-side script and the core libraries (File-system (with restrictions), Networking, Services, Configuration files etc.)."

Submission + - How To Get A Siri Experience For Android (

Lucas123 writes: It is possible to get a Siri-like, voice-command experience with Android-powered smart phones. Unlike iPhone 4S users, though, Android users will need to gather together a couple of different apps if they want to issue a wide range of voice commands on their device. Computerworld's Sharon Machlis ran more than half a dozen apps through their paces, testing them for various functions to communicate (make calls, send messages), organize (keep track of appointments) and find information. There are a couple of things Android voice-activated apps do that Siri can't, and overall, she found she was able to get a good chunk of the functionality that Siri offers.

Submission + - 50 Ultrabooks to be launched at CES (

Barence writes: "As many as 50 Intel Ultrabooks will be launched at next January's CES, according to the show's organisers. Until now, only a handful of manufacturers have announced Ultrabooks, with many rumoured to be waiting for the 22nm Ivy Bridge processor refresh before releasing their devices. Intel CEO Paul Otellini is due to give a keynote speech at the show where Ivy Bridge will likely be officially unveiled alongside a host of new laptops. "We expect to see 30 to 50 new Ultrabooks launched at CES," the CEA's research director Shawn DuBravac told journalists at CES Unveiled in London."

Submission + - MacBook Air Apparents (

harrymcc writes: "The PC market is stagnant. The MacBook Air is selling like hotcakes. So Intel and PC makers have hatched the Ultrabook, an Air-like form factor that's being used for everything from shameless clones to machines with some of their own personality. At Technologizer, Jared Newman looked at current and upcoming competitors."

Submission + - Wolfram Alpha Answers To What Planes Are Right abo (

TheNextCorner writes: ""Try the simple query “flights overhead” and you’ll get information on aircraft that should be visible to you, assuming a clear sky and unobstructed view. If you’re on a location-aware mobile device, the results should be based on your precise latitude and longitude—otherwise, Wolfram|Alpha will use the best available location information from your browser.""

Submission + - Computing pioneers share their first tech memories ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Major names from the world of computing and technology such as Vint Cerf, William Gibson, Richard Stallman, Michael Dell and Hermann Hauser have shared their memories on their first computers and what inspired them to get involved with the computer. Highlight's include Cerf recalling his experience with the valve-based US air defence network Sage — as seen in Dr Strangelove — and Acorn co-founder Hauser building an eight bit computer out of marbles and a shoebox.

Submission + - Sprint iPhone pre-sales will be handled online; n ( 1

hazytodd writes: Sprint has confirmed that iPhone pre-sales will be accommodated entirely online. Sprint’s retail stores will not have the ability to take iPhone pre-orders, and the carrier also confirmed to BGR that Sprint stores will not offer “Device Wait Lists,” meaning customers cannot add their names to a list in order to be guaranteed a device on launch day.

Submission + - An Interview With Jobs During Exile From Apple (

Lucas123 writes: As part of a computer industry oral history project, in 1995 Computerworld performed an extensive interview with Steve Jobs, then head of NeXT Computer. Jobs talked openly about his life and work during from his early years — when he says he's sure that except for a few key adults 'I would absolutely have ended up in jail' — to how he felt about Apple in the mid-'90s — 'The Macintosh will die in another few years [under John Sculley]' — to his predictions about the Internet.
The Courts

Submission + - Civil suit filed, involving the time zone database ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Arthur David Olson, the creator and maintainer of the timezone database used in about every unix/linux platform in use on the planet, just sent the message to the timezone mailing list: — From: "Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI) [E]" Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 11:16:02 -0400 Subject: Civil suit; ftp shutdown; mailing list shutdown A civil suit was filed on September 30 in federal court in Boston; I'm a defendant; the case involves the time zone database. The ftp server at has been shut down. The mailing list will be shut down after this message. Electronic mail can be sent to me at I hope there will be better news shortly. --ado — A Google search does not yet reveal anything about this; does someone know what is going on?

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