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Comment Re:GPU switching (Score 2, Informative) 268

If you can't restart X without bringing down your GUI apps, I don't see the point for the target audience.

For some people, "only having to restart X" will only save a bit of time over rebooting the whole laptop, reconfiguring bios etc.

Not all laptops have a BIOS configuration that allows you to choose the GPU (ASUS UL series for instance). On mine, I had to change the SATA operation mode to have the second GPU work, but this in turn meant a severe performance degradation on my SSD. Without that (deficient) improvisation, I would not have been able to use the second GPU at all!

Besides, logging out of your desktop and then logging in again is surely better than what you suggest?

Comment Re:Politics (Score 1) 1046

Yes, let's trivialize reality the other way around and shift the blame onto the people instead, who obviously elected the wrong representatives... No need to burden the mind with complicated problems like the electoral process, lobbying activities, campaign contributions, concentration of media ownership, etc etc.

Comment Re:Politial speech influenced 6 yrs old chid. (Score 1, Interesting) 368

Just wanted to point out this little tibit regarding the Pledge of Allegiance:

The Pledge is predominantly sworn by children in public schools in response to state laws requiring the Pledge to be offered.

That is, teaching loyalty to the state at an early age is not just typical of totalitarian states, for better or for worse. Not to belittle your criticism of the Sandinista regime, of course.

Comment Re:Thanks DMCA and WIPO! (Score 1) 407

And before any of you jump in to point out that the DMCA is just a U.S. thing, you had better keep in mind that the DMCA is just the U.S. implementation of the WIPO COpyright Treaty [], so these types of court cases are probably in the pipeline for your country soon too!

Yes, but it is a lousy implementation of the WIPO Copyright Treaty. There were other competing legislation, and considering that U.S. law already complied with the entire treaty with the exception of one provision, I think it is fairly safe to say the DMCA goes far beyond being a mere implementation. The DMCA law dramatically expanded the scope of copyright law, conflicting with the first sale doctrine by granting copyright owners the power to dictate audience behavior, and going ridiculously far beyond copyright protection by giving owners the power to control access to intellectual property, whether a violation exists or not. You can read more about it in Taking A Bite Out Of Circumvention: Analyzing 17 U.S.C. Â 1201 As A Criminal Law by Jason M. Schultz. There is also a nice summary taken from a paper by Pamela Samuelson, Why the Anti-Circumvention Regulations Need to be Revised.

Comment Re:Democratize Censorship (Score 1) 178

[...] every iPhone is currently a "child's phone" until Apple gets around to adding the self-censorship [...]

Not really since huge amounts of offensive content is readily available through Safari. I believe the true rationale for Apple's censorship policy is that it is easier to justify when claimed to protect the children, rather than just eliminating the competition or whatever threatens their bottom line.

Comment Re:Weight problems? (Score 1) 197

After all, the landing fuel will cost them a lot of extra weight.

But what is the difference in weight between the thruster versus parachute landing systems?

[...] it doesn't sound like a good idea.

Sure, the added complexity may not improve the odds, but ignoring the inherent risk new technology entails, how much of an impact on safety are we really talking about here? It would seem that this is the way forward considering how NASA has also been contemplating a similar approach with the Delta Clipper for quite some time.

Comment Re:Good reason to get shut (Score 1) 922

Besides, the real "leveling of city blocks" you're talking about last happened in WW2, right here, where I live (I live in a post-war building). And now I am not calling even THAT "out of proportion", since at that time, this country's government had the same plans about the Jews as Hamas has today.

If someone fired 6,000 rockets at me, I would be pissed of course. But I wouldn't retaliate through collective punishment, denying food and medicine to innocent civilians, evicting them out of their home and taking their land to build "settlements" to my compatriots, especially knowing that my country was created from territory unwillingly provided by the very same people. I think "out of proportion" doesn't mean what you think it means...

Comment Re:Apple's reality-distortion field (Score 2, Insightful) 610

The DMCA states that you are not allowed to circumvent a mechanism that protects a copyrighted work even if circumvention is your only means of exercising numerous rights granted by law. Basically, it is in direct conflict with far older and established laws, and so you end up in court trying to resolve this contradiction, with one side having little money to pay for a lawyer while the other finances political campaigns to see their favorite laws enacted.

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