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Comment Re:terminology (Score 0) 238

I find it very reassuring to know that Eyezen is perfect and never makes mistakes or typos.

Actually it is the person who refuses to perform the slightest proofreading or spell-checking who arrogantly believes in their own perfection. See how that works? Those of us who are more humble recognize we will make such mistakes so we plan for it.

That's especially true when it happens time after time, when it will be submitted to a large audience, and when it's part of his job. In this case, all three of those conditions apply. That's just fucking sloppy. My boss would never tolerate such careless, sloppy work from me, nor would I want him to. With several Slashdot "editors" it's well past the point of unprofessionally sloppy work; it's reached the point where it shows a lack of self-respect.

Comment Re:Clearly, we need to SPEND MORE MONEY! (Score 1) 688

Perhaps that, accounting for inflation, $1 in 1962 is worth $7.77 today? This indicates that the "quadrupling of funding!" is really "slashing the inflation-adjusted budget by half". Would that be on topic, and a worthwhile point to make?

Do you have reason to believe that the National Department for Education Statistics (the source of his link) didn't already adjust their numbers for inflation? To suggest they never thought of that is a severe accusation against their competency and requires substantiation to be believed.

Comment Re:Criminal damage (Score 1) 265

Open-and-shut case of criminal damage.

What's amazing, is that there are still neckbeards out where who think that just because they're techies, that norms of proper human behaviour don't belong to them.

When you hear about a street mugging, do you also say "What's amazing, is that there are still thugs out there who think that just because they're on the street, that norms of proper human behavior don't belong to them" too?

If not, what's special about "... with a computer!"

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

Only for being so smugly condescending as to think you know how I feel. What's that about?

Yes the name-calling satisfies the berating I had anticipated.

We all get the wrong end of the stick sometimes.

And when we do, it's almost always caused by faulty assumptions we didn't have to make. Depending on what sort of conscience you have, it can lead to a "damn, I should have known better" feeling. Sometimes this feeling is called embarassment.

Of course others prefer to believe these are not matters of cause-and-effect in which they actively participated, preferring to convince themselves it's more like a roll of dice. This certainly avoids a feeling of embarassment but it does nothing to reduce future occurrences and prevents them from learning from their mistakes.

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

Me too. My theory is that people are becoming increasingly unable to read and understand what they are reading, then they are resorting to videos.

I think you're onto something here.

It's certainly been a long time since I could read a single Slashdot discussion without witnessing the following behavior: 1) Read a post. 2) Note that it sounds vaguely like something you really find offensive, at least, if you twist most of the words around, put words in the poster's mouth, ignore context, and pay no attention to the actual point they were making. 3) Rail against that person, hellfire and brimstone, using various name-calling, ad-hominems, and other invectives while being careful not to actually refute anything they said.

Optional steps follow: 4) Continue bickering and splitting hairs long after they correct you and show you how easy it would have been to understand what they plainly said and plainly didn't say, being careful never to admit your mistake no matter how obvious to everyone it may be. 5) When you run out of excuses and methods of attempting to save face, just suddenly stop replying to the thread, employing the old "ignore it and hope it goes away" strategy.

The main reason I am starting to look at Soylentnews and other Slashdot alternatives is not the incompetent and bumbling "editors", not the choice of stories, not the Beta redesign, etc. It's because deliberately misunderstanding plain black-and-white text just to have something to moan and bitch about has become trendy on this site. I don't want to be the only sane person in a lunatic asylum, nor do I want to be the only adult in a roomful of screaming children. That's what Slashdot is becoming.

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

The fundamentals of the situation remain unchanged.

What, that a website you don't own but provides you a service free of charge gets to do things the way they want to do them? Unless you deliberately click play, it's just an image, and even that can be easily blocked if it offends you so much.

Puhlease. You may be butt-hurt but you haven't been raped. If you ever were you might find the experience surprisingly unpleasant, if this is your threshold.

And here I was thinking my comment was so absurd, so over-the-top, so obviously hyperbole, that no one would actually take it seriously.

Because of you, sir, I admit I was wrong. Someone did decide to take it seriously after all.

That feeling of embarassment you experience upon reading this will quickly pass. You can cover it up by denying that it happened. Or you could take the offensive and berate me some more. Y'know, if you believe such things will save face.

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

s/elitist/ostensibly smarter than me/g

I love meeting people who are smarter than me. That's when my personal policy of listening much more than speaking really pays off. If I meet such a person who is also emotionally mature enough to be humble and modest, that's better still.

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

With respect to racism, this paragraph is exactly what I believed before I matured as a person. Before I grew enough to deal with the reality that racism isn't actually over, and to face the fact that I was actually part of the problem. Before I realized the futility and irony and sheer awfulness of wagging my finger at anyone willing to brand racist opinions as racist, "helpfully" explaining that their concerns weren't really real.

Real bigotry and prejudice does still exist, sadly. Note that I never once denied that. What I said was that the specific word "racist" has lost all meaning. It lost all meaning because a lot of knee-jerk types with no skill at argumentation found it politically useful to brand everything they dislike as "racist". For example, lots of people who disagreed with President Obama have been called "racist" simply because they thought a different policy would work better, despite showing no actual prejudice.

Speaking of growing up, one sign that someone has done so is their ability to fully understand and calmly respond to something instead of instantly getting offended and emotional. You tell me I need to grow up and you lecture me about life and you throw in a gratuitous "fuck you" because you thought I was denying the existence of all racism. Re-read my post (god damn do I get tired of asking volatile people to do that...). Not once did I say that. My prior comment was about the word "racism" not the existence of racism.

I'm glad you had a personal transformation concerning bigotry and prejudice. Perhaps now you will recognize a need to make another transformation concerning actually understanding what you read before making knee-jerk reactions to it. It'll definitely reduce your stress levels, if you are in need of a self-centered reason to give it a try. If you really want to be a grown man or a grown woman, you can write a new post admitting that your failure to control your emotions blinded you to what I said despite your obvious intellectual capability of understanding it.

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

However here, at least, Slashdot is a little more progressive than some sites in providing a transcript.

Hypothetically speaking...

Yes, just as some rapists are a little more progressive because they put on a condom before jamming their dick up your ass.

The fundamentals of the situation remain unchanged.

Comment Re:Always videos :( (Score 1) 293

Every time I rant about this somewhere (except maybe here ) people complain that I'm being "elitist" for wanting to read things that are basically text instead of listening to someone else do it.

"Elitist" has become what the word "racist" has become: originally it referred to something important that should be understood and resisted. Now it just means "I have decided I don't like what you said, but I can't find any fault with it. Rather than admit my dislike of it is irrational and should be changed, I'll just call you names now."

Lots of childish people waste their energy hating reality, leading them to resent anyone who is mature enough to spend that energy looking for better ways of dealing with reality. The contrast embarasses them. Since these small-minded people are resistant to change and growth, they perform variuos mental gymnastics to convince themselves this is your fault. After all, they could go on pretending that everyone agreed with them ... until you came along.

Comment Re:big data,,, (Score 4, Insightful) 111

Is there any analysis that shows the rewards of big data are not meeting the risk (ie dismantling the intrinsic built-in trust of a civilised society and the govts we elect to serve us)?

A more cynical person might suggest that dismantling the trust is the reward some people seek. Divide and conquer is an old, venerable tactic used by both current and would-be tyrants everywhere.

And yet strangely, the technique and how to recognize it is not taught as a regular part of every school's history or civics class.

In a less dysfunctional society where at least a few important things are not run by sociopaths, "Divide and Conquer" (perhaps taught by reading some Julius Caesar), "Propaganda Techniques", and "Logical Fallacies" would be mandatory courses for every human being.

Comment Re:Choice (Score 1, Troll) 121

If you don't like shiney, then there's always the console. For everyone else who likes desktops for stuff like videos or web browsing, annoyances like tearing is a distraction, like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum. Tearing was an issue fixed back in the 90s.

I've used X11 and later Xorg for about the last 15 years. I've never had issues with tearing or any other visual artifacts. Back in the day I certainly had a real good time with modelines (fun!) but I've never had problems with tearing.

Am I the only one who hears complaints like this and scratches his head wondering what the fuss is all about? Lots of these mysterious complaints have never happened to me. I don't believe you are being dishonest, I just would like a more in-depth explanation about what problem you had, what solutions you tried that didn't work, and what you think the working solution would or should be.

Comment Re:Spyware is a weapon (Score 1) 36

The trick would be in differentiating the covert tracking, surveillance and reporting that something like FinFisher does for nefarious purposes from the "normal" covert tracking, surveillance and reporting that many smart phone apps do for commercial purposes.

That trick is at least as unnecessary as it is difficult.

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