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Comment Re:Meat Tubes (Score 2) 162

Nothing, because free will isn't really a meaningful concept. It all falls apart when you try to define it.

When definition proves difficult, often a series of examples allows the definition to be communicated indirectly.

I'll start the ball rolling by responding only with the word 'cheese' as a full explanation of your incorrectness.

Comment Re:Morality questions (Score 1) 162

I guess it's more difficult to profit long-term from rehabilitation.

What kind of business model would it be for those organizations running prisons if they start creating less demand for their services? No, what they need to do it increase demand or at least arrange circumstances such that there's an increasingly slippery slope leading towards uptake of their services.

Comment Re:Healthy bacterias (Score 1) 162

I think Kefir is going to be preferable to eating dirt since they all live nicely in the human gut. The stuff in dirt ...??

The people who have Crohn's disease and going for the autoimmune treatment have been to Africa to stomp in some piles of shit to contract hookworm. Supposedly that works. I've heard it's possible to mail-order a porcine whipworm from Thailand which is more controlled and less likely to get out of control.

It's all banned here in the US, so they just do lots of bowel resections. That probably pays more too.

Comment Re:Not really new (Score 1) 162

Regarding MS specifically, there's a physician in Italy who is claiming ~85% remission of MS after brain veinous intervention. He has some theory about excess iron in the nervous system, but even if that's not right, if the vein blockage is causative there's still something causing that (which could be autoimmune mediated).

Comment Re:Employed (Score 1) 712

There are hundreds of thousands of CEOs in the US with a median pay less than $200K per BLS.

If you include every single corporation in the United States, including my little mom and pop home business, the average still comes out to more than three quarters of a million dollars.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 712

My guess is that each of those people is worth every penny. Why? Because they're entertainers, and the value of an entertainer is very easy for their employer to figure out.

I thought they were journalists.

If they're entertainers, they are not, by definition, journalists.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 2) 712

I've heard of states (or counties or cities) giving breaks to corporations for income, property, or other taxes, but I've never heard of an arrangement where the company is allowed to keep any withholdings from employee's payrolls as you claim... do you have a concrete example you could share?

No problem. Reuters says there are at least 2700 companies with such arrangements.




Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 712

Yes, but let's not leave out the CEO's of the big Political PAC's, the Union bosses (who essentially bribe politicians to ensure they have huge salaries), the public school system administrators

Before you decide to include that group with CEO's (whose average salary is $6.7 million), why don't you take a guess at how much the most highly paid CEO of a political PAC, union boss or public school administrator makes.

Not the average mind, why don't you guess at how much the most highly paid of those three groups makes?

As a hint, I'll tell you that the top three highest-paid union bosses are heads of unions of professional atheletes. Now hurry and go see how their salary compares to the $6.7 million average that a CEO makes.

And if that doesn't embarrass you enough, why don't you go see how much the highest-paid public school administrator makes?

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