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Comment Re:Learning from what other countries have done? (Score 0) 146

Lower infant mortality, longer life spans, etc. are *clearly* made up statistics. There is *no* way such numbers could ever be come up with that could be trusted-- impossible. /sarcasm

Facts oppose your opinion. If spreading unsubstantiated FUD is your only counter then you have no rational basis for your opinion.

If you feel otherwise, provide citations please.

What do those statistics have to do with health care? Infant mortality is calculated so much differently in each country, it's difficult to make any comparison at all, and life span is about life style, not quality of health care systems. Try checking, for instance, cancer survival rates, medical treatment for heart attack victims and survivability, trauma survival after emergency care, and mobility restoration after stroke. That's how you measure the quality of health care, not by when people die, by how the treatment they get works after they require it.

There are certainly cost and access problems with health care in the United States, but Obamacare really doesn't do anything to fix those problems, and it exacerbates many of them. This is just one example of that.

Comment Re:Bingo (Score 1) 146

I just filled out my BS bingo card when they called both "horizontal integration" and "vertical integration".

On topic: The path of least regret would have been single payer system, but we somehow ended up with a Republican profit-utopia called "Obamacare".

Maybe he should have had all the meetings in the open, and broadcast on CSPAN, like he promised to do during the campaign, instead of negotiating the entire thing behind closed doors with the corporate executives and buying votes with pork and bribes.

Comment Re:surprise (Score 4, Interesting) 95

Every company you interact with is recording and selling everything that can get their hands on.

Do you remember when companies made their profits by selling you products that you wanted, instead of just using their retail operations as a front end to upskirt your personal data and sell that to...whomever?

Our economy has become the equivalent of a luxury hotel that makes its real profits by selling copies of your credit card swipes to hackers.

Used to be, when a company sold products, their customers were the people who bought those products. Today, when a company sells products, their real customers are oily characters standing out back, waiting to buy copies of your credit cards. The products they sell, whether stuff on Amazon or Android games, or bandwidth are just a front for their actual, much sleazier, business.

Comment Re:the other fund (Score 1) 372

And what would you propose that the country do about all the resources produced in rural areas when the infrastructure to produce them domestically does not exist, as would be the case in your example? While many (perhaps most) subsidies are abusive, the creation of a national road system, electrical grid, and telecommunications grid have made certain things possible that otherwise would not have been.

Comment Re:How would that be different... (Score 2) 217

"A nice layer of petroleum jelly or a good rub with some coarse sandpaper come to mind."

I find it both very amusing and very aggravating that government at all levels has been wasting so much of the public's time and money on things like this, considering how INEFFECTIVE they have proven to be.

In most cities where they have been tried, traffic cameras have increased traffic accidents. There are some lawsuits going on in my area, which will probably result in them getting banned statewide. Not just because they are ineffective, but because enforcing anything via camera violates long-standing state law. (I know that sounds weird but it's true. The officer who catches you violating the law has to be the one issuing the citation. In the case of traffic cameras, the one doing the "catching" is an employee of the company that owns and operates the cameras. And the public won't tolerate them hiring more officers to do it. PLUS the issue that it is the car being "caught", not the driver.)

In London, with over 1,000,000 surveillance cameras in the city, after years of this it has been found that on average, the cameras have "helped" solve 1 crime per 1000 cameras. Not annually, total. And not serious crimes, just crimes. Like stealing candy bars, for example.

I could go on. They continue to waste their time, still thinking these things will work, in the face of years of solid evidence that they won't. It's just hilarious that they would spend $150,000 + each on traffic cameras, or probably upward of $2000 apiece on iris scanners, when both can be utterly defeated with a $2 can of spray paint or $0.10 worth of vaseline,

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