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Journal Journal: Anime Pr0n?! and a (bigotted racist) new foe ... 22

Well, I guess it had to happen - Anime porn.

And thanks and welcome to the 25 people who friended Porn Whitelist today :-) (guess I'll have to come up with something special for the 100th sooner than I would have thought ... darn)

So, here's a script to download more pix.


Journal Journal: Close enough - heres 11,000 pix 4

Posted under "Upgrades", so you can (ahem) upgrade your collection.

Yesterday I wrote that if we got this journal up to 50 people friending it, I'd post a script that get a decent chunk of pr0n.

Well, 47 friends/fans is close enough among friends so:


for ($i=105;$i<=859;$i++) {
`wget -r$i/1176.html`

User Journal

Journal Journal: Some curl 3

As promised, I've found something fairly large (several hundred meg - thousands of pix, both thumbnails and full-sized) for when we've got 50 people who have friended this blog. In the meantime, here's some quickie curl commands to get 5 meg of porn (or you can convert it to wget as an exercise for the reader).

curl[01-20].jpg -o ""


Journal Journal: 47 meg of ... um ... something. 1

I'm not going to comment on what this is - it's not up to me to judge. That's why it's filed under "X".

Here's the perl script:


for ($i=1; $i <=48; $i++) {
for ($j=1; $j <=16; $j++) {
$url = "";
if($i<10) {$url = $url . '0'; }
$url = $url . $i . '/big_';
if ($j<10) {$url = $url . '0'; }
$url = $url . $j . '.jpg';
`wget -r $url`;


Journal Journal: Some PERL for pr0n 5

Here's something different - a perl script ...


for ($i=1; $i<27;$i++) {
for ($j=1; $j<17; $j++) {
`wget -r$i/$j.jpg`

For those of you new to perl, those are backquotes around the wget command - they tell the shell to interpet the command string, after doing variable substitution :-)


Journal Journal: MILFs, etc.

Remember American Pie? How the guys were going nuts over Stiffler's mother? I had never heard of the phrase "MILF" before - "Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck".

So, here's a (very) small leech: 1.3 meg - just type it in a terminal

wget -r

To make up for that small one, here's 87 meg of girls with a little extra ...


Journal Journal: A quickie ... 2

Lights, camera, and ... action. Here's a quickie to finish off the weekend, for those who are up late ...

wget -r -w 1


Journal Journal: Here's a big one - to celebrate the first freak! 2

Posted under "Space", 'cause you better have some free space for this one ...

As promised earlier, here's a wget for 386,000 thumbnails, 2.3 gigs ... suitable for all sorts of things, in celebration of Porn Whitelist's first freak:

wget -r -w 10

Why the -w 10?


Journal Journal: Today's wget

Morning, all.

Here, as promised, is today's wget command, good for 87 meg.

wget -r -w 2

And for those looking for smaller images for their cellphone, pda, etc... coming soon, the wget to leech a couple of gigs of thumbnails. You'll definitely need to be running a unixish system (386,000 files in 1 directory), and just run it as a background job for a week or two.

Total to date: 741 megs


Journal Journal: New wget, etc. 1

Here's today's porn leach script





Journal Journal: A donated script 4

Thanks to an AC who donated this script:

#!/bin bash

for i in $(seq 1 210); do



  1. save this script to disk
  2. "chmod u+x script_name" to make the script executable
  3. ./script_name to run it

Total of 297 megs of video mpegs.


Journal Journal: Todays' wget, stats, etc. 4

Good morning, all.

First, the stats. When Porn Whitelist started last night, 21 people had friended Profanity Blacklist.

Here are the latest stats:

Profanity Blacklist: 21: net change: 0
Porn Whitelist: 12: net change: +12

Here's your reward:

wget -r -w 5

17 megs of porn.


Journal Journal: Porn Whitelist vs Profanity Blacklist 3

Here we go, folks. Please submit your wget commands here. I'll review them, run them, post the stats, etc.

As a start, here's a sample command

wget -r -w 5

Explanation of the wget command for newbies:

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