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Comment Re:Satellite dishes are illegal??? (Score 1) 32

It might be illegal, but nobody knows it; everybody who wants one will probably just get one (I used to live in China). Not that I agree one iota with it, but I can definitely understand the government's need to control thoughts: it's lead to great stable economic development so far; they operate in what has always been the prevailing mode of government throughout history; they have a different idea of morality (one that's not necessarily wrong) - that the individual rights are weighed much more lightly compared with the greater societal good. In addition, though not overtly, our media is also structured in such a way that they passively try to control our thoughts.

Comment Re:The same 81% want free money (Score 1) 80

I'm not sure your argument is complete. Is it fair that Walmart can keep using the money you paid for Halo long after you stopped playing Halo? Your information is the payment. Though I agree with you: services and companies should be a lot more upfront about what you're paying for their "free" service. I bet not a lot would change (maybe 1% of facebook .5% of google users would stop using the service) but at least people would feel better. And this provides a path to progress: if every service listed the price clearly, it's easier for competitors to lower the price ("oh they track everything but we only track your click habits, and that information expires 30 days after you stop using our service").

Comment Yes (Score 1) 432

The university has LAN based connectivity as well as 802.11 connectivity. 802.11 connectivity is free - as long as you can get on at the network level you're free to use it. LAN based connectivity is obviously only available in classrooms and in dorm rooms.

Now at the beginning of school year, each LAN port is "reset", in the sense that it becomes unregistered. When a user connects next (this means the new student to move into that dorm room), it will be served a special page upon any HTTP request. That special page will check the UserAgent of the browser and, if Windows is indicated, will be prompted to run a security scan of the PC (windows-only software). If any other OS (or a router) is indicated, then the user is let through un-scanned, for the rest of the year.

Seems to me, that while technically more support is provided to Windows users, anyone would prefer to connect as a non-Windows user.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 949

Actually the IT you see at Joe Papercompany is different from the IT you need to successfully run a large company whose business is tied to the IT (such as Google or certain types of finance companies). So "most IT" that most people here think they know about is dramatically different from the top 10% of IT.

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