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Comment Re:Cable? TV? (Score 1) 119

While I know some geeks that go to LAN parties, I don't know any diehard geeks who go to tournaments. Geeks don't show off, and they get paid just fine to code or support systems -- wasting hundreds of hours in tournaments for the golden carrot isn't a geek's style.

I respectfully agree about "jocks" -- or maybe they're donkeys lured by the carrots. Some are social parasites, wanting to climb on the backs of the downtrodden to get their moment of fame. You see that type in the business world all the time (I won't name names, but I can spell out some initials *cough* BG) -- some of whom *BG* were once something resembling geeks.

Most geeks can't be bothered. Most geeks don't have the social wherewithal to know that you CAN climb on the backs of the downtrodden. Besides, that would be too much like getting exercise!

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