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Comment Re:Is free cheap enough? (Score 1) 286

Does this mean that if third-party users access my web site, they will be "stopped" with the typical warning that the site is secured with an unknown certificate - and make them go through the ususal steps to add it, etc?

You tell me.

In all seriousness, if you install the certificate chain properly (just follow their instructions), you're fine. They verify you, then don't charge to verify the certs that are tied to you. Makes more sense to me.

Comment Re:It's being done in the US too (Score 1) 193

What carrier are you going to put that on that doesn't require an ID or SSN?


Call them. Lie about name and SSN.

When you fail the credit check, they put you on prepay rather than postpay. The SIM comes in the mail. If you have some blank T-Mobile SIM cards already, they can activate them for you.

The plans aren't bad, and you don't end up paying the prepaid penalty either.

Comment Re:Well for starters (Score 1) 517

The obvious way to fix this that I've heard some propose, is to allow exemptions for the poor, etc. But now you're getting back where we are now, where individuals have to keep track of their finances and report to uncle sam for their rebates. Except now individuals have to keep track of every single purchase, rather than just their annual income from their employer.

You are aware that the "FairTax" proposal would replace other taxes with a sales tax, but apparently did not bother reading the proposal in full before attacking it.

The proposal calls for a "prebate" - basically paying _every_ taxpayer an amount equal to (Poverty Level * Sales Tax). So, those living at or below that level would pay no (or negative) taxes.

It doesn't have any exemptions whatsoever, and that is kind of the point. The poor pay just as much as everyone, but the effective rate is extremely low due to the subsidies. Individuals don't have to keep track of finances, or report things for rebates. Are you a citizen? You get a check. The check does nothing for Bill Gates (percentage wise), and makes all the difference in the world for someone living off $20,000 a year.

Let's look at tax rates. 2 scenarios:
1) Someone who spends all their money on food and rent. Rather poor, no disposable income.

Under the FairTax, the rent would be pre-tax money (as it effectively already is with someone who pays no income tax). No change there. If their grocery budget is $50/week (generous for a single person) - they would pay ~$215 a month in food costs. They would pay $50/mo in taxes, which would be more than offset by the $2500/year ($208/mo) prebate.

2) Family of four. Per census bureau, the "real" adjusted for income median household income was $50,233.00. Poverty level is 22,050. After prebate, even if they spent 100% of their income on things that were directly taxed (say they own their home), they would effectively only be taxed on the $28,183 difference, and it would be paid at 23%. So, on a $50,000 income, a family of four would pay ~$6500 in taxes.

As your income rises, it would approach 23%.

Comment Re:Insufficient data for meaningful answer (Score 1) 256

Looking at the data, the "version" appears to be a unix timestamp (1271781219). This would correspond to a date of Tue, 20 Apr 2010 16:33:39 GMT. This is more-or-less consistent with the .zip file, which has a last modified date on the steam executable from last month.

I suspect I'm just missing a file or two, and should have the client up and running in a little bit.

Some references from the client UI:

/home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/steamUI/gamespage_details.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/steamUI/gamespage_details_news.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/steamUI/gamespage_grid.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/steamUI/gamespage_list.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/steamUI/SteamPurchaseController.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/steamUI/SteamPurchaseReceipt.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/steamUI/SteamRootDialog.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/vgui2/controls/../../vgui2/controls/HTML.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/vgui2/controls/../../vgui2/controls/ImageList.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/vgui2/controls/../../vgui2/controls/ImagePanel.cpp /home/VALVE/rackadmin/buildslave/steam_main_linux/build/src/vgui2/controls/../../vgui2/controls/Label.cpp

Comment Re:Insufficient data for meaningful answer (Score 1) 256

Quick follow-up:

kathrin@KathysLinuxLaptop:/tmp/steam$ wget
kathrin@KathysLinuxLaptop:/tmp/steam$ wget
kathrin@KathysLinuxLaptop:/tmp/steam$ wget
kathrin@KathysLinuxLaptop:/tmp/steam$ wget
kathrin@KathysLinuxLaptop:/tmp/steam$ for ZIP in *; do unzip $ZIP; done
chmod 755 linux32/*

kathrin@KathysLinuxLaptop:/tmp/steam$ ./
[ 0%] !!! Fatal Error: Failed to determine download location for universe 0
[----] Verifying installation...
[ 0%] Downloading Update...
[ 0%] !!! Fatal Error: Failed to determine download location for universe 0
unlinked 1 orphaned pipes
removing stale semaphore last operated on by process 9209 with name 0emSteamEngineInstance
removing stale semaphore last operated on by process 9209 with name 0eSteamEngineLock
CellID: Fetching server list from CSDS. . .
CellID: CSDS returned 169 servers.
CellID: Connecting to . .

Unable to open displayCAsyncIOManager: 0 threads terminating. 0 reads, 0 writes, 0 deferrals.
CAsyncIOManager: 3750 single object sleeps, 0 multi object sleeps
CAsyncIOManager: 0 single object alertable sleeps, 11 multi object alertable sleeps
pure virtual method called
terminate called without an active exception

Comment Re:Insufficient data for meaningful answer (Score 1) 256

It's more than simply "abandoned legacy cruft"

Checking the linux client version.

This references the following files:, and

and, of course:

Linux binaries, and
Linux client.

Looking at the linux client:

[root@XXX steam]# ldd linux32/steam
       => (0xffffe000)
       => /lib/ (0x00aa6000)
       => /lib/ (0x00a3c000)
       => /lib/ (0x00a36000)
       => /lib/ (0x00a1d000)
       => /lib/ (0x008d7000) /lib/ (0x008b9000)

Comment Re:So what? (Score 4, Insightful) 700

They marketed the PS2 as a system that could:

1) Play PS3 games, including games with online functionality.
2) Use linux, and other OSes.

It is a Playstation 3. As such, one has a realistic expectation that "Playstation 3 compatible" software will run on it. Unlike the PC, Sony controls the hardware and licenses the software specifically to ensure such compatibility.

It had Other OS support. It was marketed as supporting it. People (in some cases) bought it specifically as a result of such support.

Here's the crux of the problem: They have made it impossible to actually use the device as it was marketed.

I have games that boast they have online support. Sony says they are PS3-compatible, and support networking (subject to the terms of the Playstation Network). They then use the PSN to force an upgrade which would disable the very functionality they sold me.

"Buy this PS3, get games, online functionality, and linux"
"Lose linux, or lose online functionality"

With forced firmware updates, it can get even worse. Newer PS3 games can require certain firmware versions to run.
"Buy this PS3 to get games, online functionality, and linux"
"Lose linux, or lose games, and online functionality"

Even if you accept the Playstation Network TOS changes, and feel that "it's their network, they can set whatever terms they want" - the PS3 was marketed as a dual-purpose device, and forced firmware changes would literally force you to choose between the two. That would be fine if it was sold that way, but it was not.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 528

Really, what's the point of having windows not Maximized.

Often, there is a limit to how much useful information a given window can convey.

Consider web pages - they tend to have one of two approaches: fixed width, in which you end up with large amounts of blank space, or variable width, in which case a large screen makes most paragraphs 1-3 lines.

I have Steam running. It has two windows running. One is a game list, with columns. Game name, status, update, score, developer. No matter how big the window is, it will not convey any more information. Bigger is not better. The other window is the "update news" page. It's a fixed width web page. I can make it as big as I want, but I just get a bigger border.

I'm running Skype, IRC, and Firefox. In fact, I deliberately shrunk the FF window because I hate it when /. comments are all one line tall.

The "ideal size" for a window very much depends on what is in it. If I am not playing a game, or doing high-resolution graphics manipulation, I do not want my windows maximized. In fact, I find Windows 7's habit of automatically trying to Fullscreen any window I put near the top of the screen highly annoying. Unless you disable it, it makes efficient use of screen real estate hard.

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