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Comment Re:So I have to ask (Score 1) 225

I purchase my music from (their 32 bit deb package will run on 10.04 x64 with some work). I buy my directly on my nook. I buy DVD movies. So, while I can't speak for everyone else here, I answered your question. No, not EVERY slashdotter pirates all their content. By the way you got modded though, it sure seems like a lot do.

Comment Re:LCD hinge on my laptop. (Score 1) 715

I wish that was the case here. The when the hinge broke, it took the bezel and the hinge arm with it. Total cost to replace would be over $140 after taxes and shipping. I'm going to have my uncle draw up a new bezel in CAD and see how much will charge to mill the sucker out of aluminum. The pressure from the hinge will be distributed across the whole plate then. If it works out, I'll have the bottom done afterwards. It'll probably half as much as a new laptop, but this machine should last another few years.

Comment Re:Sorry, I'm not buying the capacity claims. (Score 2, Insightful) 260

It might have to do with the fact that optical discs the pits and lands don't exactly correspond to binary 1's and 0's.

CDs use EFM Encoding to store their data, DVD's use EFMPlus and BD's use 17PP.

Having a faster switching laser may allow for the run lengths to be different. But that's just my best guess.

Comment Re:Hard drive (Score 3, Informative) 264

Except I believe that the memory on the iPhone is composed of ball grid array chips. So then it becomes an issue of using a reflow gun or oven. Then, once you have removed those, you need to reball the chips or have a bga prototyping socket and then attach it a compatible controller chip. Then unless you have done this to all of the chips to dump their contents so you have a complete filesystem, or all you have is useless bits. So, while not impossible, it is not a 30 second procedure like hooking up a hard drive.

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