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Comment Re:GiB (Score 1) 618

Agreed completely. The rest of the world refuses to achnowledge these units.
What is more interresting is why the harddrive manufacturers, who will surely be aware of these standardized units, don't mention them anywhere.

Comment Mixing languages (Score 1) 330

I find mixing my native language (dutch) and english during development only helps to confuse things since pretty much all terminology is english.
When given the option, I always use english language versions of technical software (some software insists on showing me (badly) translated dutch, though). I even comment my code in english if the entire front-end is dutch only.
For office software and such, I prefer my native tongue.

Comment Re:As a professional, I would say... (Score 2) 183

Just imagine all the extra thinking you can do when you no longer have to think about typing while typing. I'm sure you would have though this out yourself were it not for all the hunting and pecking you had to do while typing just then ;)

A basic touch typing course should be a requirement for programmers. Not necessarily at high speed, just enough so they won't lose their train of thought while typing.

Some people will say you have to think before you type it out. I agree. That's why I think about what I'm going to do next while typing out what I thought out before.

Comment Re:Only over my dead body (Score 4, Interesting) 240

Who says they have to distribute the spyware with paid products? They might simply pay computer manufacturers to include it, similar with drivers (closed source GFX card drivers for Linux?) or any other products. They wouldn't need to ask you or even tell you. They might even be able to have such software installed on the BIOS level with every motherboard sold if they pay the manufacturers enough money. I can't see of any way to avoid it if they're legally allowed to.

Comment Re:The 3D thing is kind of fake (Score 1) 79

All three images you point to seem okay.
In particular the row of glasses clearly shows a different perspective in the background; you can see from the kid's arm and the second glass from the background of the first glass.
As you describe from the plant image, I gather you were expecting all kinds of visual layers, but this is pretty much what you should expect; objects at a distance have far less parallax effect, this holds true for normal photography a well.
I think you have to keep in mind that the change in perspective are very minimal even in the foreground; It's like moving your head less than a centimeter to the side.

I agree though that that it's not breakthrough. That will happen when we see pictures of what we all know is the killer app for this type of camera (or any type of camera, really).

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