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Comment Re:Report Abuse (Score 2) 128

That's a good point. Maybe it would be more feasible to have the server cache the current password in RAM during the mandatory password change process, so it can at least compute edit distance from the previous password.

Or for added fun, have a server dedicated to brute force password cracking. When it gets somebody's password, their account gets flagged for a mandatory password change.

Comment Use a decent relational database (Score 1) 332

I find that a decent SQL database platform is better for complex data manipulation. Install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition With Advanced Services (it's a mouthful, but it's free). It supports import/export from Excel spreadsheets, and a number of other data formats, and also includes Reporting Services for creating nice presentable reports without coupling the layout with your data storage (as with a spreadsheet).

Some SQL knowledge can take you a lot further than Excel will on its own.

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