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Comment Re:A better sponsorship (Score 1) 120

Unfortunately you need to read the manual before you even purchase the car, and the car comes in so many body styles, colors and designs - and every option under the sun. You can even throw in a Model T engine and have it run great.

The car that runs on baby kittens on the otherhand, comes with far fewer options, and these options are all kinda similar (different engine sizes and three or four colors) - but the support is great, everyone has one (so if you don't know something about it, your neighbor might) and the roads were designed with them in mind.

Sometimes it's not about features, it's about the marketing. Microsoft is successful not because they offer the best product, but because most people only know of their product and nothing else. And unfortunately until recently (Ubuntu and similar), Linux just hasn't been close in ease of use. The previously mentioned distros are a great step in the right direction but are still far from being ready for the prime time.

Meanwhile, I'm going to hop in my Aluminum iCar. It only has one button and is maintenance free. Only comes in black or white though, and it costs $150,000 - but hey, that's the price you pay for ease of use sometimes?

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