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Comment Re:Wow, I guess. (Score 1) 331

My round trip daily drive is:
work 12 miles
dojo 4 miles
kid's school 2 miles

So yeah, 35 mile range is just fine for my daily needs, and my employer even has free charging. (we have a Tesla S and a couple homebrew VW's in the lot already).
I've seriously been considering doing this for a while...

Comment Re:republicans (Score 1) 1080

Meh, they both suck.
Seriously I think we need a multiparty system again. We really are stuck with one party that has some trivial differences they bicker about.

They both: meddle in foreign governments, increase our countries debt, try to remain in power at the expense of the citizenry's well being, increase the size of the government, and ignore what the population has said they want.

Comment Re:All Edison's fault (Score 1) 1080

sure it does, depending on the dimmer.
at half brightness the bulb draws about 75% of it's power, thus saving 25%.
This assumes you have a TRIAC based dimmer and not a (very) old rheostat based one.

This does not mean that the savings are proportional to light output, true. At minimal brightness the bulb is still drawing about 50% of full on power.

Comment Re:Did they study the health effects of starving? (Score 1) 356

Depends more on the crop selection than anything else.
A Cavendish banana will taste the same organic or not.
My organic broccoli is way better tasting, but is a different strain than you can find in any of the stores. Less dense crowns, looks much more like the flower head that it is.

My kids won't eat store bought broccoli, they got in a fight over who got the last piece of the home grown stuff.

I don't buy organic because it's organic, but I do tend to buy it because of the variety of crop that was used.

Comment Re:What's more important.... (Score 4, Insightful) 397

Fair enough.
My job pays enough, barely, but enough. That said I love my job. My boss is awesome, my co-workers are excellent, perks are decent.
I flatly refused offers (same company even) unless they had a minimum 20% premium above what I make now.
That's what a good job is worth to me.

If (in OP's case) it's closer to home and your commute costs saved + that 10% raise == 20% then I'd consider it (based wholly on my model).

To knowingly go into a job that sucked? only if I knew I was losing my good job, or the pay was 7 digits (absurd? sure, but that's what it costs to lease my soul. two years at that then I can retire if I do it right)

Comment Re:I've been looking into this. (Score 1) 127

chemically litho etched nickel plate will last longer than the ceramic tile. To affix it use either stainless or nickel lag screws.
Bonus points if you can have it covered in glass by a glassblower to protect the nickel, that should give you a couple decades (or one vandal) before the nickel is exposed.

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