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Comment Re:What I have noticed (Score 5, Interesting) 240

I got promoted for doing that.
We had a completely *mental* process where we would get an XLS file and had to manually translate the tables of register names and bit positions into C structs.
Budgeted time: 2 person weeks.
I spent the two weeks writing a perl script that did everything I needed (ok, 2 hours, then the rest of the time making it do 'cool' stuff to the source code, and compiler, and source control, and....)
Total runtime of the script? 2.5 minutes.

Did this for a couple projects, turned in the changes same day I would get the XLS files. Boss thought I was doing something akin to faking it. Showed him the script, got a promotion 1 month later.
He asked me how I thought of doing it that way, told him I was lazy, this was easier...

Comment Re:Cue the murder trial from early 90s... (Score 4, Interesting) 363

But this isn't a booby trap.
The fences have to be properly signed, and are only allowed in industrial zoned areas.

Frankly, I think it's a bit overkill, but I totally understand. A local yard was robbed of commercial sized spools of copper wire, had to cost a ton. Even worse, thieves have been opening the access panel on street lights and using their cars to pull the wire out.

Rancho Cordova (where this passed) has long been seen as a higher crime area, not surprised they're going to these lengths at all.

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