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Comment Re:Macs had a similar issue not long ago (Score 1) 133

We had one of those. It was nick-named "Stinky" and we tried like hell to get rid of the smell, even sending it out for a thorough detailing inside and out. To no avail - stinky stank anyway. We blamed it on the fact that the boss had taken it on a trip and left the macbook locked in the trunk of his car with some used hockey equipment and it got left in the equipment bag for a couple of weeks while he was away. Never thought it was the computer itself that was the source of the problem.

Comment Re:A Feature! (Score 2, Informative) 133

Dude, really? Show me an issue with Apple products that in the end WASN'T fixed by the company. I'll bet you'll have a hard time finding an example. Sure, in the short term they may deny there is a problem, but they do customer service at an exemplary level, sometimes fixing or replacing products they don't even make to help their customers have the best consumer experience possible.

Submission + - Aereo required to testify about non-public patent info

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: In ABC v Aereo, a copyright infringement action against Aereo, the Magistrate Judge has overruled Aereo's attorney/client privilege objection to being forced to divulge non-public details about its patented technology. In his 15 page decision (PDF) he ordered the continued deposition of the company's CTO and CEO about their patent applications. My gut reaction is that this sets a very dangerous precedent, giving the big copyright plaintiffs yet another 'in terrorem' device to use against technology startups — the power to use the lawsuit as a chance to delve into a defendant's non-public tech secrets.

Comment Re:Backstory? (Score 4, Informative) 51

It does seem insane. I mean how can the court not see that this case is clearly about killing vimeo and by extension video sharing sites. How can they expect all employees to be 100% diligent. It's never going to happen. If the only option to adhere to Safe Harbor is to have google class content filter Youtube is going to be the only game in town in the US.

The legal fees alone are the killer. Veoh won every round, but had to go out of business due to the legal fees.

Comment Re:Backstory? (Score 4, Insightful) 51

Maybe it's not about killing Vimeo, but rather making it "play nice" the way YouTube has: Pay for sync licensing of the music and support the licensing costs with ads.

In my experience, their primary goal in every instance is to put people out of business, if at all possible. YouTube has been 'playing nice' with them for many years, but they haven't dropped the pending case.

Comment Re:Backstory? (Score 1, Informative) 51

The blog post linked from TFS is a brief (~70 word) summary of the recent development with no links to other posts on your blog for the background on the story, only the big PDF of the decision.

The decision, IMHO, gives you what you need to know about the facts of the case in order to understand the significance of the decision. 56 pages is enough reading in my view, for our purposes. If you want more you can go on PACER and get hundreds of additional pages from the case file.

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