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Comment I am going to summarize all the comments below (Score 1) 553

Statement: KHTML did Apple a favor by releasing the code. Response: No, they didn't. It is LGPL licensed. Statement: They should be required to submit their changes back as per the LGPL license. Response: They are providing their changes. Statement: It isn't easy to apply their changes to the originally source code. Response: But the LGPL doesn't require the contributions to be in a 'ready to use' format. Statement: But they should have given us patch logs so we can commit the changes equally. Response: Apple isn't obligated to give you access to their patch logs, only the changes. Statement: But they should have 'in the spirit of community'. Response: LOL. So, the GPL isn't just a binding agreement now, but a moral mandate? The bottom line is that Apple has fullfilled all their legal obligations to the KHTML community .. and then some. My god, GPL advocates are annoying. Even when people comply fully with the GPL they are complaining about 'community' and 'spirit'. To summarize: Apple is 'mean' because they aren't making the KHTML developer's lives easy, even if they have fullfilled all their legal obligations.

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