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Comment Re:theres no way to draw 1amp out of a AAA battery (Score 1) 371

RTFA FFS! Her device uses 2 batteries (2.4-3v depending on chemistry) a chip and inductor etc to generate 5v to charge apple devices. She needs to convince the device to draw 500ma not 1A. On top of that, the method that worked on iPods stopped working on the iPhone 3Gs, so she needed to determine what resistor values (voltages) were required to convince the iPhone to charge, and draw 500ma.

Comment Re:Dell really are worse than most (Score 1) 604

Wow. All I can say is WTF? I don't want to come off as a Dell fanboi, but I've been at my company for 7 years, and we've been Dell for the whole time. Servers, switches, notebooks and a few desktops, and VERY few problems. When we do have problems, service and support have been very good. Compared to Compaq/HP at other companies I deal with which are a horror show. I'm typing this on a Latitude D810 that was 3 years on the job at the company, and a few more here at home. We DID have 3 desktops that had bad capacitors, and Dell replaced the motherboards AFTER the warranty expired. Now maybe Dell Canada has better service than the U.S. but we've always been happy.

Comment Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 225

Things like dropping a laptop from 20 feet up onto concrete because you had more residual lubricant on your gloved hand than you realized happen on occasion

Yeah thanks for that. Fscking TSA... how you accidentally dropped it *up* 20 feet is beyond me though. And geez, ferchrissake change gloves after the cavity search before inspecting my notebook.

Comment Re:They've taken a leaf out of the UK's book (Score 1) 584

But then I remembered how many SUVs there are on the road, and how badly they handle and brake.

WTF? A company I used to work for made us go on a high speed collision avoidance driving course (lot's of fun as it turns out) we had the option of using our own vehicles, so I brought my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Co-workers were shocked. "You'll roll it!!" I said "you watch too much TV" and took it through all the manouvers. Most were shocked at how well it handled, and braked. Yes my current German AWD sedan handles/brakes better, but not much better, the Jeep was great in it's day.

Comment Re:Uh-huh. (Score 1) 298

"Then again they actually spent the R&D money to come up with something better. Everyone keeps talking about needing innovations in batteries for Hybrids, Electrics, Laptops, Cell Phones and Apple actually did it."

Really? Apple actually came up with a new or improved battery technology? DO tell. Usually they just buy from Sony et al. And they REALLY get 7 hours? Colour me skeptical.

Operating Systems

CentOS Administrator Reappears 211

str8edge sends word that Lance Davis, the CentOS project administrator who had mysteriously gone absent, has now returned and is working with the development team to get things back on track. From their announcement: "The CentOS Development team had a routine meeting today with Lance Davis in attendance. During the meeting a majority of issues were resolved immediately and a working agreement was reached with deadlines for remaining unresolved issues. There should be no impact to any CentOS users going forward. The CentOS project is now in control of the CentOS.org and CentOS.info domains and owns all trademarks, materials, and artwork in the CentOS distributions. We look forward to working with Lance to quickly complete all the agreed upon issues. More information will follow soon."

Comment Re:not good. (Score 1) 147

My personal experience is that Nagios is probably the LEAST easy to use of any piece of software, period.

You've obviously never installed/configured RT3. I used to use Big Brother, tried Zenoss after reading about it, then tried Nagios. Nagios totally rocks.
It's not THAT hard to configure. We use Nagios, Snort, Ntop and RT3. Hard to say how much money I saved by not using any of the big commercial products, but it's a lot. But RT3, crap, THAT is hard to get going..


Submission + - Unintended Consequences of Rogers' Packet Shaping

knorthern knight writes: "To counter P2P programs that encrypt their traffic to evade detection, Rogers Cable in Canada has apparently started throttling ALL ENCRYPTED IP TRAFFIC, according to this article on Michael Geist's blog. How many of you log in to work over a VPN or ssh-tunnel? How many get usenet news, or email over an encrypted connection. This could be a problem for Rogers Cable customers. Michael Geist, who happens to be the "Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law" at U of Ottawa, has "been advised that the University computer help desk has received a steady stream of complaints from Rogers customers about off-campus email service.""

Submission + - Does Global Warming Cause C02?

StealthyRoid writes: "A documentary set to air on BBC-4 on Thursday, March 8, makes the claim that the global warming alarmist camp has got the relationship between increasing C02 levels and global warming exactly backwards: That an increase in the Earth's temperature is the cause of elevated C02, and the slight uptick in global average temperature that we've been seeing is the result of cosmological effects, not human interference. The documentary also claims that the attempted "fixes" for global warming demanded by the alarmist movement (massive energy output reductions, de-industrialization, etc...) are going to end up hurting poor nations to the point where they're condemned to life in the stone age."

Submission + - Vista activation circumvented with BIOS emulation

Steve Kerrison writes: "If a brute force Vista product key-gen won't work, then a tool to exploit the volume licensing used by OEMs might. HEXUS.net reports that a toolkit has been produced that emulates an OEM BIOS to make the system appear as a pre-activated machine. Combined with the correct certificate and OEM key, Vista won't perform any further activation."

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