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Comment Re:Musk isn't doing himself any favors here (Score 1) 841

Have you considered getting your private pilot's license and maybe flying a more direct route?

Distance isn't quite far enough to make the expense of renting and flying a private plane worth the trouble and expense. I also driven in weather that I wouldn't have wanted to fly in.

I don't always fly, but when I do I let the professionals pilot me around.

You're also driving more than 99% of people in the USA. Edge cases will always be unusual. Now consider this - let's say 50% of people switch over to EVs - that leaves more gasoline for your unusual behavior, saving you money at the pump.

The price at the pump is being manipulated. The US exports a lot of gasoline. A fact that is overlooked when politicians talk about the need for more domestic oil exploration.

Comment Re:Musk isn't doing himself any favors here (Score 1) 841

If you must know. I drive the 2011 Honda Accord V6 2-door coupe. Since all of the trip except maybe 12 miles is limited access highway (interstate) the automobile stays in "ECO" mode. The remaining half of the tank is used commuting back and forth between the "away" apartment and the office (gas milage drops a bit, but it's still pretty decent).

Comment Re:Musk isn't doing himself any favors here (Score 1) 841

I regularly drive one-way 380 miles which is 80 miles longer than the largest battery capacity model advertises. I spend 5-1/2 hours to 6 hours on the road during this commute and would not like adding an hour layover to an already large portion of my day. My current automobile is able to make that commute easily with a 1/2 tank of gas to spare.

I would love the lower fuel costs but the lack of range and the fact that I would probably never have any real savings due to the high cost of the car make the Tesla S model a non-starter for me.

Comment Re:Musk isn't doing himself any favors here (Score 1) 841

My thoughts exactly. Elon Musk is just making sure we all know that they have computer logs confirming that their cars have limitations and should not be considered a direct replacement for a cheaper more consumer friendly ICE based automobile. Think of it as a more expensive golf cart.

Comment Re:Define 'everyone' (Score 1) 105

But there is a fault in everyone's logic when it comes to java. from what I have seen the statement is basically "Well big business and financial corps use it so it must be good".

I agree "Everybody does it this way" isn't a justification just a result. Big business uses it because it is scalable, has a decent library, works well in a non-homogenous network cluster, and is one of the oldest and popular languages with GC and language primitives for parallelization. It's much faster than the dynamic type languages, and doesn't have the kludge of a global lock like two of the popular scripting languages.

Comment Re:Define 'everyone' (Score 1) 105

E.g. People don't want to touch LibreOffice because it has ONE dependency on Java in its BASE application.

Since LibreOffice just hit version 4.0 and the improvements keep coming in, I don't think you are correct. You may have meant OpenOffice. OpenOffice suffered more from Oracle's heavy handiness than any technical issues with Java.

Comment Re:Define 'everyone' (Score 1) 105

I don't know where you just don't like the word Java, or whether you don't like the language, or whether you don't like Applets in the browser, or what. But the Java ecosystem is way larger than you imagine.

He could be in high school, a "fresh out", or a geek trying to get "street cred" by mindlessly bashing Java. This is slashdot.

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 1) 513

Do you think automated parsing of an email to target ads is "reading your private emails"?

YES. A stranger can read you email to try to gather intelligence about you. The Google scanner "reads" your email to gather information about you so they know what advertising you may be interested in. It's still information gathering regardless if it's automated.

If so, do you also think that a spam filter running on the mail server "reads your private emails"?

The spam filter scans for characteristics of unsolicited email. The spam filter isn't gathering personal information that can be used to formulate your likes and dislikes.

Comment Re:Speaking of "Smear Campaigns"... (Score 2) 513

A little misdirection? The issue wasn't the advertising itself but Google reading/scanning personal email to create targeted ads.

Does Google still scan your email for keywords even though they may not immediately show you advertising? Just because they don't show you the ads while reading email doesn't mean they can't use the information gathered to target the ads you view while browsing.

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