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Comment Re:Hey guys! (Score 1) 24

Unfortunately not every country is like Finland on that regard: in Portugal, for instance, every citizen has to own and carry their ID card (which, on the other hand, has no RFID, so you have to use a card reader). Also, if you read the report, you'll see that the problem isn't only on RFID, so having an RFID-blocking wallet won't help you that much...

Submission + - Microsoft will vote on Open XML

Elektroschock writes: "Rui Seabra reveals that the national standard organisation of Portugal plans to sent Microsoft as head of its ISO delegation to the Ballot Resolution meeting in Geneve. The Ballot Resolution Meeting (BRM) will work on amendments to the Open XML standard (DIS 29500) as put forward by ECMA International. The meeting will be held behind closed doors and last 5 days. While Microsoft would get privileged access and voting rights other interested stakeholders for instance Portuguese SMEs and software develoeprs are excluded from participation and review. The head of the delegation will exercise all voting rights for the nation, here Portugal. All national ISO members need to submit their list of delegates to ISO until Dec 11."

Comment Re:kernel exploited... (Score 1) 331

Debian don't consider the kernel part of the distribution. It's still Sarge, whether it's running on 2.2 (yes, you can), 2.4 or 2.6.
I'm sorry, but that's completely false. The kernel is part of the distro, and the kernel-image for sarge is 2.6.8 (not vulnerable). And yes, I know there are also packages for 2.2 and 2.4 on Debian.

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