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Comment Re:We live in a multimedia word (Score 1) 414

"Flammable" means "it can burn." Like a piece of wood. If you hold a match to it for a while, it will eventually start burning.

"Inflammable" means "capable of bursting into flame." Like a pool of gasoline: If a flame touches it, it will be a raging fire, instantly.

So these two words are not exactly interchangeable; there is a difference in meaning.

Comment Re:Clear Hoax (Score 1) 330

The disk drives weren't faster, it was the I/O interface to the computer that was faster. PET's used the IEEE-488 parallel bus, while the C64 used the IEEE-488-"C" serial bus. Obviously a parallel bus can move more bits at a time than a serial bus at the same operating frequency. When compared to the tape drives, the disk drive was blazing fast. :)

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