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Comment Re:Respect (Score 1) 450

That's like stealing a car and then donating it to CarsForKids.

As someone who has heard their ad on the radio at least 100 times, that's KarsForKids with a K. It's also one of the most annoying radio ads I've ever heard, although the fact that I'm posting this indicates it's also a successful ad.

Comment What's the big deal (Score 1) 218

Am I the only one that doesn't see why this is such a huge deal? Facebook offers a convenient way to import a person's contact list into their site. They do not offer any convenient way to extract contact information out of their site. They have never offered a convenient way to export data from their site in their near 7 years of existence, and I've never heard big complaints about it. Solution: don't treat Facebook as your single source of a contact list. That's what other programs are for.

I understand there are privacy issues and whatnot, but that's not what this article is about. This article is complaining that a service allows you to import data but not export it. It's not like if I use Facebook's utility to import my gmail contact list that it is suddenly gone from gmail and never accessible again -- it's still sitting there for export into some other service.

Comment Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 858

What about:
(3) Launch by terrorist/hostile regime, aimed at LA, but it failed and missed the target.

While it certainly doesn't sound plausible, at this point I don't think it's much less plausible than the other options I've seen tossed around, and it certainly has the gravest implications.

Comment Re:Is reverse engineering still legal ? (Score 1) 274

The funny part is that this DOESN'T hurt Microsoft at all. If anything it would encourage more people to buy the kinekt (or whatever stupid ass name they gave it). The layman buys the device and doesn't care/know that they can use it in other applications. The geek buys it BECAUSE they can use it in other applications. There's no downside to Microsoft's profit here.... at all.

You are assuming that they are not selling the Kinect at a loss, subsidized by selling games that work with the hardware. I have no idea whether they are or not, but given Microsoft's history, I wouldn't make that assumption.

Comment Re:More players = More money (Score 1) 854

However, multiplayer is trivially "sticky" which means by spending a little time adding multiplayer you can keep people who do buy your game playing longer and talking about your game for longer. If people are playing longer that means you have a longer sales window before used copies start seriously competing with new copies of the game.

Not only that, but as long as you're still playing multiplayer, you usually still need your copy of your game and cannot resell it without losing your ability to play multiplayer. When I finish a game like Assassin's Creed or Mass Effect, there is very little preventing me from reselling the game, which "cuts" into the profits of the company who created/published the game.

Comment Re:brilliant (Score 2, Interesting) 696

>>>Rest assured, the majority of Americans are either going to work, or looking for work, and don't have time for panicking or freaking out like a few celeb's and their dominions. Most Americans just want a decent job and time with the family. Throw in reasonable taxes and gas prices, most everyone is happy. The freakshow on TV is a very small minority. >>>

False. Recent polls show over 60% of Americans disapprove of Obama's accomplishments.

That's as high as the disapproval was for Bush. To claim the average american is just fine-and-dandy-and-happy, is simply not true.

I think you misread what the GP was trying to say. GP was saying that IF Americans had a decent job, time with family, and reasonable taxes and gas prices, then they would be happy. I'm pretty sure that the GP was not trying to say that Americans necessarily had all of that at the time.

The point is that most Americans want a few simple things, but instead the "freakshow on TV" ends up spinning the debate into a much more extreme showdown between viewpoints that don't really match what the "silent majority" actually feel.

Comment Re:Waste (Score 1) 553

Can you point to a few -actual- (as opposed to imagined) cases where lifejackets in planes have saved lifes ?

Not only that, but it is theorized that in the Ethiopian Airlines crash in the Indian Ocean, that people inflating the life jackets while still in the cabin may have caused more people to drown because as the plane filled with water they were stuck to the ceiling of the cabin, unable to get out. Source

Comment Re:possible, and I hope so (Score 1) 157

You're definitely right - my error was that I was not looking at the difference between wholesale price and retail price (which is about 20%), but rather at the profit the retailer makes after factoring all the costs the retailer has to sell the game. As that same Forbes article you linked indicates, a retailer may only make about $1 in profit after considering those costs (compared to the $12 in markup on that $60 game).

I think the interesting comparison is then comparing the costs of a retailer versus that of the direct downloads that Blizzard uses. If retailers spend about 15% of retail price on their costs (or about $11 on a $60 game), you have to assume that the costs of a direct download are closer to 1% than 15%.

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